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  • The future is what we make it.
  • That means changing the way we fly, fueling jets in an eco-friendly way, keeping buildings smart and safe and even making it…
  • Versatility to write copy/content in different styles and tones so that it resonates with a range of constituent audiences – from digital marketing heads to…
BCR Romania
  • Asigura, coordoneaza si optimizeaza procesele IT interne specifice din cadrul echipelor interne (financiare, de risc, de conformitate, privind managementul…
  • This is an external staff position.
  • Your employer will be a third-party supplier, in service for Microsoft.
  • Drive the communication with the customer to provide…
  • ING is a frontrunner in the transformation of banking and a company that puts technology at its heart.
  • At ING, we believe all sustainable progress is driven by…
Netex consulting
  • Basic knowledge of hardware support.
  • Good knowledge of English language.
  • Previous experience in a similar position is a plus.
  • Post: Analist IT Suport Junior.
  • Disponibil de la: 21 ianuarie 2020.
  • Orice business functioneaza datorita unui ansamblu de aplicatii bine puse la punct, si a…
  • Dezvolta programe software la solicitare, pe baza unor proiecte organizate.
  • Intretine si testeaza programele dezvoltate.
  • Studii superioare in domeniul IT.
  • Our initial team is already in place and it consists of 6 new colleagues.
  • At Netcentric, we come to work every day knowing we’re part of the solution to the…
Netex consulting
  • Previous experience in a similar role it is considered a plus.
  • University degree, preferable in Technical field;
  • Good knowledge of English language;