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București16 recenzii

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3,6Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Loc de munca ok

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Companie ok, colegi ok. Suport Microsoft Office cu limba germana.
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Fun workplace

I enjoyed working at Wipro. The job was not very challenging but required a high level of attention when doing while doing it. All my colleagues were very helpful and fun to work with.
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Review Wipro

The company provides employee support and tends to the well being of the employees, however, the management is often not that well prepared for what's required of them.
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Loc de munca distractiv

Ajuta la cresterea abilitatilor si cresterea la intr-un nivel mai avansat.


Mese gratuite


Asistenta medicala
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Not bad

The office instalations are very modern. It can be fun sometimes and it's a good opportunity to learn new things if you want to learn. There is free coffee!
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Bad management

Flexible working hours which is an advance. Differences of employees. Really bad management. The job is interesting you may learn many things about yourself and about people from other cultures, it`s dynamic, the activity overall it`s ok.
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Productive, positive energy

Mixed cultures and ideas, a lot of empathy and friendship, learnt how to deliver on really tight deadlines, to enjoy work even under pressure, then to have a balance between work and personal life.


people, environment, management, tuesday's fruits


weekly change of shifts
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fun place to work, good people, poor management

Very good work environment, very good people, pool table, ping-pong table, darts. Lunch area with fridges and microwaves. Promotions only based on time spent in the company, not so much based on skills. Very poor management from the mother branch.


free coffe, fruits, very fun employees


bad management
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Good place to work

Good place to work - team worker - good benefits .
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my schedule varies widely every day. I spend the majority of my week in session with my clients. Typically these are one-on-one counseling sessions, but I also run multiple group sessions. I also spend a few hours every day training, observing, and providing feedback
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Good work schedule, tenis table, nice kitchen and place for rest

This jobs is business to business. The best team in the project Takeda. We offer support on the software, etc. I really grew in my possition.
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As in any other company there are good things and bad things. My personal experience with Wipro started in a very positive manner as they gave the impression of a professional environment where you can state opinions, discuss and advise. After announcing my resignation, management attitude was totally changes and all my previous work was disconsidered.


experienced colleagues, with good knowledge on the subject; good salary and compensations; positive and friendly environment


low quality of support functions, favoritism of higher management, inconsistent rules and regulations
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Multinational company a very good place to start

I've learned how to wok in an professional environment and how to adapt in an multinational company
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Providing extraordinary training. Very organised company. There were no issues regarding work load. Great people doing a great work.
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Good company with a lot of funny teambuildings

Since i started in Wipro untill now i learned a lot about soft skills which helps me streamline the communication with my colleagues, customers and upper management.
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Perfect mixture of professional and fun enviroment

Great CoffeePeople close ManagementYoung and culture diverse co-workers
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