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Its Ok but management could think about employees more

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Good place to work for but the management can improve. Seems like the higher you get the less time you have to focus on the employees that work the floor.
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Great company to work for

Productive, professional environment. VIsa is a great company to work for, with very good benefits. There are plenty of opportunities for growth, I wish they had remote opportunities.
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Nice company to work for

Really nice company to work for and great work life balance.. Also the work is challenging and management is very supportive
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fun to work . chill environment

Good tech stack . Free food for intern . Trips are made with team members so that together we can grow and transparent in work , thank you
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Great benefits, no work life balance

When you hear the word Visa you think of a great company and top tier customer service. Everything looks good from the outside. I’ve worked for this company for six months and I can tell you it’s all smoke and mirrors. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door to possibly use Visa as a stepping stone, I would highly suggest. There’s more movement side ways than upwards. The management cares more about hitting their numbers rather than focusing on a representatives development. Most of the people I’ve met there have worked in the same position for eight plus years and they are they are content at the position that I recently took a role in. I live in Austin so the pay isn’t the best compared to the cost of living. I actually left a better paying job thinking this job with Visa would be a better opportunity. I’m almost living paycheck to paycheck at this job. I was hired along with 20 other trainees and now there are only eight of us. From issues with being told a different salary to agreed upon work scheduling issues, it’s a headache. I would recommend this job if you are desperate for a job or have a secondary source of income. This position is very repetitive and you work with multiple applications in your system. The 3-6 month bonus is $300-$400 if you meet your metrics which include attendance, call quality and adherence. The attendance policy basically goes you accrue a certain amount of PTO every paycheck period which is 6 hours. Which isn’t anything. Any time that you take off your PTO will automatically front load to cover the day off. They have blackout days which - 


Cafe, health benefits, hybrid work, phone charging stations, gym


Stressful environment, slow promotions, work/life balance, mandatory holidays(unless the holiday doesn’t fall on your scheduled day off, attendance policy, schedule
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Productive and good culture

Highly recommend to work at visa. Good benefits, interesting work, good leaders and overall enjoyable. Work life balance is challenging and can be intense
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Really good employer

Taking care about employees, good salary rate, ability to learn new things and take more responsibility if you want. Good work-life balance and nice colleagues. Strong diversity and inclusion
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Competitive salary

Competitive salary with yearly increase, not a lot of engagement activities. Professional peers. Nice amenities and facilities. Accommodating leaders and staff.
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Visa is a great company, but not Miami DPS.

If you get hire any other department that is not DPS, you are ok. Do not recommend this department,but if you need the work; apply for other jobs within Visa within 2 years tops. Management will see you as a burden if you stay more than thi$ time frame. It's all about cutting cost and not the people. Be prepare for layoffs.




Miami DPS Management
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Great place to work!

Wonderful culture and leadership! I transferred in from a different industry, and expected such a large, global brand to feel cold. Anything but! I have found Visa to be a terrific place to work, and a place I could see myself for many years to come.
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Great company

Lots of benefits and plenty room for advancement. Co workers are great and many opportunities to learn new things in the many departments.
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Poor leadership

Lack of Diversity and retention of tenured employees with internal politics driving hiring decisions. Lack of true support of employee resource groups.
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Great benefits, office politics dominates

Visa is a great company with fantastic benefits. They talk the talk, but many wonder if they really walk the walk? Many people have been at Visa for 25 + years. They hire new people to change the culture and improve performance, but the unnecessarily complicated organizational structure and the existing power base of old timers makes it difficult for new leaders to make an impact. There is a revolving door of women of color who get hired to meet a quota, but then get tagged as “not listening” or being “difficult to work with” because they have innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. The new CEO is trying to change things and is leading in the right direction. But there is no appetite for new ideas or for having decisions made at lower than VP level. At the Sr Director level there is low morale and lack of emotional safety to disagree or offer a new approach.
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I like everything in this company, they will tell you if you do not understand, the team is friendly

I like everything in this company, they will tell you if you don't understand, the team is friendly, I made a lot of new friends with whom we constantly relax after work
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Great learning and excellent people

Overall an excellent experience, great culture, and exciting work. You will learn a lot about the digital payment industry like no one does, since the market is so niche.
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Just Okay

Not very skilled people sit here.More work will always gives to learn, but if you do not know where to stop, you will loose time for your personal. its not con it just your choice to decide again no one will ask you stay late work more beyond your hours.
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Fun and positive work environment.

Employees are very well-taken care of specially during the pandemic period. People are fun to work with. Indeed one of the best companies I've been into.
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if you would like to relocate with Visa expect really low salary and many of unexpected bad things from management. Usually Visa inherits projects from other body shops who's already screwed up and you will have to have a deal with all this dirty code. No opportunities to grow since it is just a body shop, they will sell your time to customers.
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Decent and comfortable place

Really good work life balance. Decent compensation. Opportunities to work on different technology both modern and legacy. Would have hoped for slightly more mentorship but good enough
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Great company with great politics

Great vision. Al Kelly was a fantastic leader, very engaging and employee focused. There is a lot of bureaucracy when you have tenured leaders. Awesome benefits.
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Solid company, kind culture and many opportunities

Visa is a solid company where one can build a long and satisfying career but you will have to take initiative as it is a large company where many can get lost. It’s not perfect and there is room for improvement but it’s the best place I’ve worked at.


Kind, smart colleagues


Pace can be slow for some
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