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3,8Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Productivi, dar platesc prost

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A fost ok. Cam prost organizati. Atitudine de corporatie. Trebuie sa le indeplinesti task-urile si iti dau salariu. Nu esti nimic mai mult de atat. Daca ai noroc de un manager bun, e ok. Alt fel, rau de tine.
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amazing experience

to work for a great company and to be involved in a great AAA videogames production was a really an amazing experience
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Fun place to work with fitness facilities and massage

One of my favorites work experiences so far. I had the chance of being part of a new department, the first quality control localization department of Ubisoft world wide. I have learned a lot about project managing, team managing, international collaboration, inter-departmental collaboration and I even received the right of selecting the new comers, checking their CV and conducting the interviews. As a localization tester I was continuously improving my vocabulary in different fields, for instance when I have worked for the game ''Hawks'', I had to be up to speed with all the military terminology, then when I worked for ''From Dust'' I was I had to learn new geological or climatological term, and so on. A very important part of the job, a part the proofreading, subtitles and voice synchronization, in-game text check, was the attention that I had to pay to the content it self. Cultural and historical adaptation and accuracy were things that I was extreme passionate in guarding. I developed a kin sens of spotting every that was political incorrect or age rating contradicting. I loved working with big teams and I developed a really good relation with the others departments, fact that speed up the working process.( for instance, when my team was in need for technical assistance I use to get it right away, unlike others teams and after the tsunami/earthquake accident in Japan we had problems with all Sony components and consoles, but I always managed to borrow the material in need from other departments so we could have the work done in time) The hardest part was the period - 


nice people, fitness facilities and massage, lunch place.


sometimes working on weekend
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Very fast paced and productive company with a dynamic and fun working environment, constantly changing and adapting to a rapidly growing industry.

A very demanding but quite fun working environment with very passionate people working closely together to create amazing experiences for everyone to enjoy. Huge volumes of work and tight deadlines usually mean plenty of overtime which also means a considerable salary increase, but at a disadvantage for personal life. Overall, Ubisoft is a very good place to work in if you are a passionate individual which greatly enjoys create amazing content for the whole world to enjoy.


passionate people sharing common interests, gym membership, employee cafeteria, team building activities


long hours, heavy workloads
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3,8 din 5 stele pentru Balanța dintre muncă și viața personală
3,1 din 5 stele pentru Compensații/Beneficii
3,3 din 5 stele pentru Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
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3,9 din 5 stele pentru Cultura

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