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Engaging and fun

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While the pay may be lacking, it certainly made up for that when it came to the team and the management, where I found like minded individuals. Loving games is a plus in this job.


Free fruits, unstructured time, good team


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A dream!

Ubisoft for me was a dream. I have made allot of friends, we where like a family. I loved working at this job not just by testing video games it's more then that, games unites people that love doing what they do!
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Fun, creative and good working environment

As a game tester a typical day at work is not typical, in my opinion. You always learn new things and meet new situations. A day at Ubisoft starts in the morning with out team leader presenting the tasks of the day for everyone of us, then running the tasks and test cases, finding the bugs-reporting them to the database. At the end of the day, a daily report should be sent to the lead assistant. Through the day(almost every day), as I said you meet new situations that you have to manage by applying things you learn as a game tester, or you learn them on the spot. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you stay all day and run test, even play games sometimes( I can say) and besides that, you develop creativity, communications and team working skills.


10 minutes break, hourly


expensive lunches
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