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TOTALSOFT Recenzii ale angajaților pentru Sales Support Representative

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The Good: TotalSoft is a great place if you are looking to learn sales and work in a fast paced ad tech environment. The culture is full of young college grads who bring lots of energy to the floor. Great product and decent office perks.

The Bad: Be careful with recruiters mentioning video games, ping pong table and free lunches- it's mostly a front to attract young college grads who will accept lower pay. The glory days at TotalSoft have passed and you will find many reps who have been with TS in the past year are barley making ends meat.

In addition, Management awards leadership positions based on performance. Many former top performing reps currently in management roles are ill equipped to manage a salesforce or lack the charisma that former leaders had in the Bucharest office. The product itself can be sold in many ways, which causes reps to lie their clients in order to scrape a few extra bucks out of them, and leadership is okay with that.
Healthcare, Environment, Decent Perks
unprofessional environment, lack of transparency from management
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