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I had very good experience working for this company as it was very balanced working environment and fairly pay structure with benefits ill go back if they get a project where i am.
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Pesima Organizacion - Retencion - Procesos

Su toma de decisiones es autoritaria y se saltan su misma jerarquia para ello.Si llega un nuevo supervisor van corriendo gente que no le gusta al nuevo, independientemente del tenure o la actividad a realizar.No hay retencion, se volvio el tipico call center.El sueldo aunque luce bonito, el coste del mismo se va viendo a jornadas de trabajo sumamente pesadas.Han cambiado de equipo legal infinidad de veces.
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Toxic environment

No progression, false promises including bonuses not confirmed in writing, subcontractor so double standards for companies employed directly for them. Do not recommend, no flexibility or consideration for us as employees.




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Average with decent projects scope. Service based organisation with major Telecom projects. Micro Management and client driven.salary hike is below market
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Cost cutting for being successful.

The company has a habit of cost cutting for no reason. Just to show that they are profitable and doing really good business. However they are just forcing employees to work more with pay less. They don't care about the quality or employees. They should rebrand as "Techless Mahindra". Still using old manual system for attendance. Very pathetic.


Full stress


Full pressure
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Was okay

Not the best but not the worstNo upskillingNeed to learn on your ownRecommended to stay no longer than a yearAlso, be prepared for night shifts like 2.30 am
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Productive, Fun, Stressful

It was great until the account's management where I am currently in, changed the management. I do not like our team leader, so unprofessional. Salary is fast and some small disputes. People are friendly. Good for newbie. 4 years and 6 mos.
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fun place to work and it can be busy at times depending on the season

I enjoyed working for techmahindra and was an employee for almost 10 years. Work environment is very diverse and team oriented. I needed a different challenge and seeking better opportunity.
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Good Work life balance

Current project in which I’m working has good work life balance and management helps in individuals career growth by providing technical training and sponsorship for external certifications
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Great company to work with

Tech Mahindra is really a great company to work with. It has nice work culture and employees help each other. Senior management is very visionary and provide clear direction.
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Ok company

Good insurance. No raises. Last year we got one percent increase. No where to grow within company. You get to work from home so have flexibility. Overall its an ok gig.
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What is the best part of working at the company?No job security, sub standard packageWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?SOP is not industry standard, What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Not good, need to oil manager
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Good Place

Friendly atmosphere with peers helping each other and Mangers are cooperative. Space to learn and grow within your field of interest and other lines of business
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Good company however there are some disputes with the pay. Good for newbie. Good environment as well. Nice wfh set up for logistic account and has a wifi allowance.
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good for career beginner

salary hike will be very minimum. you will be asked to do the same monotonous job which is being followed for years.Learning is very less. you will get your 100% variable pay on monthly basis
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working with company is very prestigious

What is the best part of working at the company?organizing and motivational feelingWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?targets with less time is most stressful part of the companyWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?supportive and good nature of co-worker What is a typical day like for you at the company?dealing with customers and helping
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Horrible Management

This was my initial job in IT and by far the worst. I understand that being on the Help Desk isn’t necessarily enjoyable, but this job amplified the misery. You will be micromanaged by lack luster “superiors.”
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Fun Workplace

They give low salaries though it is fun to work with your colleagues because will help you if you're struggling with your work, they will give you instant Sick leave or Vacation leave.
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fun and cooperative people

i liked the atmosphere and the leadership. People are supportive. career progression has good chance. They take good care and work-life balance is maintained
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The average staff last just over 4 months

There is no discernible career advancement within the company, and employee turnover rates are alarmingly high, with an average staff tenure of just over four months. Many managers lack competence in their roles, using arbitrary reasons to terminate employees and implementing unusual rules, such as prohibiting aerosol deodorants in the workplace. Instead of providing training and guidance, managers frequently scapegoat staff for minor errors. Additionally, I once came across an email from a high-ranking individual at TechM referring to employees as easily replaceable.
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Fun workplace

Good for newbies to gain more experience. Didn't experience salary delayed for about 1 year and 6 months working in here.
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