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Balanță Timp de muncă/Viață personală
Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
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SoftVision is one of the places where it's all about opportunity
Technical Lead (Fost angajat) –  IASI, Romania26 septembrie, 2018
I've worked at SoftVision in two different instances and I can say that I could have easily said that I worked for two totally different companies.

That says at least two things. One, and this is the most important thing about SoftVision that I can say, is that the diversity of projects that exist at SoftVision is mind boggling and I mean this in a good way because SoftVision is actually doing this while being the great normalizer between all of them. Being able to create a company culture and a place that is filled with opportunities to learn and to participate in projects that have a global impact on the whole world is no easy feat and that's one of their great merits.

Second thing is that this company is one of the liveliest companies that I've seen. It's an organization that's alive in the way it intelligently changes to face the new challenges and the way I perceived it while working the second time for SoftVision was totally different and much more improved in all the ways and this is the main reason that I continue to have the utmost respect for SoftVision and all the people that I know for sure they're making it great.

The project that I worked with them at was one of the top 5 companies and our role was to expand and augment their development teams as actually being part of the same teams. This was one of my greatest experience as technical lead because of the direct nature of the impact that me and my team had on the product we were working on and I am very much proud of this.
Worked for a fantastic product of one of the top 3 - 5 world companies.
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Balanță Timp de muncă/Viață personală
Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
Cultura Locurilor de muncă
Nice co-workers, bad management
QC Engineer (Fost angajat) –  Cluj-Napoca5 februarie, 2016
A very good place to start a career. You can gain a lot of knowledge and the co-workers are very supportive. I expected more of the management though.
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