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Sephora - Cariere și angajare

Despre companie

  • Director General
    Jean-André Rougeot
  • Înființat
  • Dimensiunea companiei
    peste 10.000
  • Venit
    4 mld. - 20 mld. (RON)
  • Industrie
    Comerț en-gros și cu amănuntul
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Sales Adviser în Bucharest, Romania
la 23 iulie, 2015
Sephora is a great company, which teached me a lot of things about sales departments and customers needs.
The cultural patterns in Sephora, and business management are inspired and nourished by the feminine values. Therefore, Sephora, "love" has a crucial place and this leads both with customers and partners and in our community relationships. Every day at work was a learning opportunity in a dynamic, enthusiastic and desire to learn team. We were all young and with a huge desire to learn how to welcome customers' needs, which was the most dificult part of the jos because we are all different between us.
Sales manager în Romania
la 13 februarie, 2020
I am looking for a new and exciting part time job.
New country, new life these request a new job, a new beginning.
Sale Assistant în Timiș
la 8 ianuarie, 2018
Best workplace till now
At Sephora I discovered a new world. Here I found out that I love sales and working with customers and my team. I also loved the products and the way Sephora applied their management and marketing strategy on the market and inside the company.
Makeup Artist/Sales Associate în Sephora romania
la 1 aprilie, 2017
I had a good time working for sephora romanai , i had the chance to learn and. Met wonderful people . They sent us to many worksheep and to learn more about diffent companies and their products
Beauty advisor/ Sales assistant în RO
la 17 iulie, 2016
Great workplace for beauty enthusiasts
Simply, I believe it is quite necessary to be truly passionate for the selling products and sharing it with people. It was the main thing that kept me going.

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