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Very productive workplace

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I would recommend this workplace it's very comfortable to work and like any other call center it sometimes is stressful but there's lot's to learn, regular training if there are new products and changes, huddles every week, calls are also monitored


Bonuses, free cell phones free lunches


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Great place to start a career

Pros: Lots of career growth opportunities, management and HR are always looking for ways to assist you in taking the next step. With proper planning and good performance, it's very easy to make vertical movements in the company. Great benefits and discounts on Rogers services.Cons: Management at the director/chief level is very disconnected from senior and mid-level management, constantly setting expectations that aren't realistic for frontline managers/agents. Salaries are below the market average for a lot of roles.
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Fun workplace

Honestly a great company to work for for worker benefits and employee incentives also it’s just like any other sales job high stress too but still a great company to work for
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Fair wages and bonuses.

It's a nice place to work! Growth opportunities are there for those who apply themselves. On going training and coaching makes this a place to grow with! Only down fall is the hours are not stable and changing every 6 weeks. Shifts can be as early as 7 am and end shifts as late as12 am.
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Team work is essential for success

If you're passionate about technology and you fit in with the team a job as a CSR at Rogers Communications can be incredibly fulfilling. However without collaboration this job can be rather straining for some individuals. You will be interacting with a wide variety of people on a daily basis for a variety of tasks. Some will lead to commission from new and renewed subscribers others are account/store maintenance. Rogers holds its employees to high standards of customer service. Without proper coaching and training you may find yourself falling short. Being able to connect with your colleagues and managers is essential in this role. Make sure you are able to ask questions, recieve feed back from your peers and supervisor in order to acheive success. Keep that in mind when applying to in store wireless customer service roles and select a team that you connect with.
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Productive place to work at

Great Place to work at. good managers and friendly colleagues salary is good for role, bonus is based on performancelots of inclusion and diversity
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Good peers

Discounts on products and services Commissions, but could varyGives good exposure to talk to customers on a daily basis.Increments are barely 2% per year.
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Sell Sell Sell

Inbound calls should lead to a sale or at the very least, a favorable outcome which will encourage the customer to buy again. Colleagues on different teams and shifts sometimes steal your sale:( Work schedules are not family friendly.
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It'll get you by

It's a place you can work to pay your bills. Management above store level is all over the place, and there isn't much support for store staff from them.
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Decent pay and great benefits but Hard job

The job can be hard on your conscious especially during trying financial times like these. Overall great management who were really understanding to employee personal situations, positive wokrplace culture, and great pay and beneifts.Only gripe is that there are a lot of group incentive rewards that some managers push too hard for the team to win. Coworkers also tend to complain quite a bit about the job while being quite careless.
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Great launchpad for your career

Started out as a Technology New Grad before going into my full time position within the Engineering Department.Rogers has a great program for people starting your career, however, there were many days where I had no assigned work. Learning opportunities aren't there and candidates must actively seek for a learning opportunity. This hindered a lot on my cohort's ability to advance in technical knowledge in the Technology Business Unit.Current Engineering role has been very busy. With 5G implementation, there are a lot of opportunities to learn and show off your leadership. The workload is so heavy that often burn outs and high turnover rate occurs.My final thought about Rogers is that the fundaments of what made Rogers great is no longer there. The sense of being part of a family feels barren.


Learning opportunities


Lack of leadership support and heavy workloads
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Good money but overworked

The queue never ends. You will be paid well however the job will take its toll. Also there is no job security as the company lays off employees for no reason each year even when they are hiring.




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Rogers is a career, it is a place you lay roots

I have worked at Rogers for many years now and it has afforded me a wonderful career and great relationships. I look forward to many more rewarding years.
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Supportive team and management

It was a great opportunity at work there during my contract term. The supervisor and the team in IT is very supportive. Pay scale is also good.Supervisor and the team remains transparent and encourage you to till you completely understand the process.
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Met Expectations

This role ended up being what I expected and Rogers is a great place to build your career. Management needs to make some decisions and come to an agreement on what is and is not working.
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Bad management.

The job itself is ok but the management is the worst. They expect a lot and the pay is less for the work. I wouldn't recommend this place. Too much micromanaging.
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Great place to work, fast paced

Great place to work and good benefits, but is fast paced and can have a large workload at times. Overall good wealth accumulation benefits and health insurance.


Good benefits


Fast paced, large workload
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Terrible management - favouritism, stressful environment. No room for career advancement. Low pay, commission wasn’t terrible but definitely not anything great.
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Ok Starting Job

Fast paced call centre, stressful at times, managers not very supportive. You can get customers calling in and yelling at you and you cannot do anything but be nice to them or you'd get a coaching session from management
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good place to work

satisfaction really varies from store to store. pay (if in a busy location) and benefits are fantastic, a fun, satisfying customer service position that made me feel good about helping people get the most out of their phones,
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Great Manager

The management and staff was great to work with. They helped with the training process intesively.Did not make me feel uncomfortableEarning potential was good
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