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It was good

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It was decent working there. It was nice to work from home. The training was decent. The work environment was decent. It was a very place to work and I recommend it.
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Door to IT world

I was struggling to find a job initially since no one wants to hire a candidate without experience. Every company I interviewed for asked for some experience. Quintrix provided me with a door to IT and I am greatly thankful for it. I was hired as a fresher and got free training on Java. They also paid me a stipend while I was in training and after 12 weeks of training, I landed a FT job in one of the big IT consulting companies w good salary & benefits.
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Don't Do It!

Easily one of worst companies to work for. They don't pay on time. And the have some of the most unscrupulous business practices. Word to you guys: TREAT EMPLOYEES MUCH BETTER!!!!
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Not a lot of good instruction. You mostly have to train yourself. Last minute updates, etc. Training stipend was never paid out. Only way I could get my foot in the door doing tech work.


Felexible deadlines


No instruction
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Not the best experience

Had to go to class every day. At the end of the training program, I was given an interview and a certification exam. Done both but I still haven't received response.
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enjoyable working place

Everyday is a busy day at work. I learned so many things there like to be determine to finished assigned task on time. The management is so approachable yet strict in terms of managing every projects that you are handling. The hardest part of the job is when you can't find desirable worker for the job or let's say we can't find fitted person for the job description of the employer. The most enjoyable part is when all your or most of your selected applicants will be hired and deploy as soon as possible.


free accommodation


long hours
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