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Pyramid Consulting, Inc. Recenzii ale angajaților pentru Executive

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4,1Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Pyramid is a good company. Employees are very supportive , i really had a great time with my colleagues . Management , employees , benefits provided by company all are good there.
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Competitive and Stressfull

Micromanagement learning environment Not a good salary package Good Pick and Drop Facility Ita good organisation for someone with 4-5 years of experience but I wont consider it a good place for a fresher because it will lead to mental harrassment and demotivation.
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The company was good but team members were not good. very bad job culture & environment in some teams. Leads were not good they had no scenes how to talk with juniors. No professionalism. My work experience was not good. That was the reason I was left.
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You will regret

A typical day at Pyramid starts off with a scrum call where you will be assigned with a requirement for the day. I have learnt many things like how to handle multiple requirements. Management is good, but the managers ruin the company name. The hardest part is the expectation from the management is so HIGH. There is no enjoyable part of this job.


No Pros


The incentive structure could be better
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Pressurized work environment

Working here is not suitable for everyone as there is lot of unnecessary pressure by the management only people who are foot lickers can survive here.


Good infrastructre


Long hours, lot of pressure
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Very Political Type of Environment not good for Freshers in US Staffing.

I have learned if you are good in buttering, then even if you not work you can still have a long stay with the company, otherwise you have no growth opportunity and no bright future. Higher management doesn't even worry about what is happening.


Some colleagues are supportive


Only Politics, No on job support, No training modules, Interference in Personal life, No hierarchy level, Fake commitments during interview.
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Productive, Fun and Motivational Ennvironment

The job begins with Motivation and fun keeping in mind the production. I learned here many things by which a job can be suceeded effectively and efficiently.
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Good work culture

• Managing the complete recruitment lifecycle for sourcing the best talent from diverse sources after identification of manpower requirements. • Initial screening and review applications and conduct the initial round of interview to check fitment and provide necessary information about the role. • Responsible and co-ordinate for the post selection operational activities- Offer Generation, Appointment letters and follow up with the candidates till their joining. • Checking the references of the potential candidates.


Good Cultur
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good company to work with

Excellent work environment, good salary benefits, timely incentive paid, food+ cab provided . get together and parties were a real fun here.
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