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Good management to work under

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1. HR will assist you in every step of the onboard process.2. work ethic at Pyramid is good.3. pyramid has great management & transparency.4. Job duties are more/less a 9-5 day.


Work appreciation
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Everything is going well

Everything is going well. Nice company to work. Management and HR department is good. They always resolve your queries on time and get in touch with you on timely basis.
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Good company that was flexible schedule wise and allowed remote work.

Good company and very helpful management and onboarding staff. Supportive even if their clients were not as clear as they should have been with work expectations. Training is minimal and at the mercy of the client Pyramid Consulting, Inc. contracted with and hired you to work as a contact employee. A very challenging arrangement. The lack of very minimal and ineffective training by their client was frustrating.


Ability & flexibility to work remotely from home.


Client did not have very effective training.
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Productive and fun workplace

Great Learning as a Technical Recruiter in permanent staffing Sourced Super Niche skills Office location is commutable. Company is into in-house and contractual staffing
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Pyramid is a good company. Employees are very supportive , i really had a great time with my colleagues . Management , employees , benefits provided by company all are good there.
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Perfect energative work place

There were very friendly atmosphere, every day I receive a challenging work atmosphere. My experience was awesome, I never forgot what I learnt there. Thank u


Dinner and transport
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Lack of professionalism and nasty politics inside the workplace. Managers and senior professionals not acting properly with others. Very minimum supervision.
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Stay far away from this company

This place is like the blind leading the blind. No training, breaks labor laws, people in positions that they aren't qualified for, etc. I can't believe this company is allowed to continue to operate. Any true professional will want to stay away from this company.
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Good contracts

A staffing company that places contractors in jobs. I had a great experience working with them for a seasonal position in which I learned a lot during the time working there. Would recommend.
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About Company

Our Staffing division places top Technology Professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire and SOW / Statement of Work based positions with industry leaders and innovative start-ups that are developing the next generation of technology solutions.
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I worked as a contractual employee

I worked as a contractual employee for Accenture however not aware of the Live work culture of Pyramid Consulting.However the transition from Pyramid to Accenture was smooth but salary given by Pyramid was too less.
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High-Performing IT Teams, On Your Terms And Customized To Fit Your Needs At Scale. Hire Vetted & Handpicked World-Class IT Talent. Focus On Your Projects,
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Competitive and Stressfull

Micromanagement learning environment Not a good salary package Good Pick and Drop Facility Ita good organisation for someone with 4-5 years of experience but I wont consider it a good place for a fresher because it will lead to mental harrassment and demotivation.
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Productive and fun place with table tennis.

Pyramid is good to work as managers and co workers are very positive and will be supportive in any situation. Basic food is not up to mark, and extra curricular activities should be more.
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The company was good but team members were not good. very bad job culture & environment in some teams. Leads were not good they had no scenes how to talk with juniors. No professionalism. My work experience was not good. That was the reason I was left.
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Its Manpower Consultancy

Its Manpower Consultancy. They will hire only when they get projects from clients. If the projects are not there in hands, they simply remove you from their company.
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No Growth

Please don't come to Pyramid Consulting, Better go with some other good and Genuine payroll process. Here their are clear in stopping the peoples salaries.
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Highly productive work, always working on new and exciting technologies. Supportive seniors always push us to be better than our current version . Salary is below average.
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Workplace Culture

Very good company if you are looking for Workplace and Life Balance. Very flexible in working hours and management is always supportive. Work from home option is there.
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A Nice Place to Work

Pyramid is a good company who takes care of its employees pretty well. A nice work life balance. The management at Pyramid is very supportive. I recommend Pyramid to everyone.
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Its a fun workplace

I work in this company for past 1 year and its been nice working with them. HR team is very responsive on our queries. Good Salary ensured and very professional environment.
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