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3,9Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Top class employer !!!

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TOP CLASS EMPLOYER ! I started with Novartis in 2004 .
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Fun place tot work. The work balace îs ok but your chance tot grow is nota how they are promote. The sallary îs ok but the grow is very small every year.
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Excelent team members especially in supply chain

Bad management Worst Supply chain manager in the last 24 years within Sandoz. He hires peoples under favoritism and without any experience. Damaged the relationship with customers,No involvement in solving problems. No attention to details . Against NOSSCE policy. And the list is very big.
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Răspuns oficial al Novartis

23 iunie, 2022
Thank you for your comment. We are sorry to hear of your experience and take all comments of abuse, bullying, discrimination or harassment seriously and as such have passed this information to the Novartis SpeakUp Office (formerly the Business Practices Office (BPO)). We recommend you also contact our SpeakUp Office directly via if you have any additional information to share. Novartis strives to create a safe and fair environment for all its associates and thank you in advance for sharing any additional information with us.

competitive enviroment

Number one Sponsor in Romania in Clinical Trials from 2010. Romanian Organization - one of the top from Novartis Europe.


Company culture


Merit evaluation
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Productive workplace

Sandoz Pharma Services Romania was a great experience for me, the greatest part of the work day was being able to see all my clients ( pharmacists, family physicians) and then having my lunch break with my colleagues.
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3,9 din 5 stele pentru Balanța dintre muncă și viața personală
4,0 din 5 stele pentru Compensații/Beneficii
3,5 din 5 stele pentru Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
3,7 din 5 stele pentru Conducere
3,9 din 5 stele pentru Cultura
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