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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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This company is good platform for learning new skills and good work-life balance.

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Overall it is good, but the pay is less.Micro Management in some projects but not in all projects. No perks at all. Good work-life balance. This company offered me WFH which I liked.
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Mphasis provide Applied Technology solutions that can be customized to meet the needs of business and industry.

Supportive and friendly work culture. Many new projects are live with latest technology. It gives you options for so many training available as webinar as well as class room which you can attend.
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It was all fun and enjoyable.

I enjoyed every bit of the job, mostly the team work and the project management. As a fast learner, I learnt a lots of new things in the job and assisted colleagues who were struggling. My customer services to clients were so excellent. I was positive all the time and remained calm under pressure to attend to difficult customers. I was good at managing my time and organising my work for quicker execution.
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fun to work in mphasis and fixed working hours for support team.

Its good place for everyone to work and management was very good. We can learn lot of technologies by the experience and training they give. They understand employee concern and gives wfh as per the employee wish. If i get chance to work again in mphasis i am ready to join.


there is cafeteria in DLF chennai, food its very good and tasty.


fixed working hours no need to extend
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Good Company

Good Company, work culture is good and attractive salary. Management gives proper guidance and Team leader support his/her subordinates. Being Mphasian is proud.
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Depends on your team and manager

Mphasis if very good in terms of job security. Not so good in terms of raise and bonus. Everything depends on the manager you are reporting to. Overall it's a good place of you don't have high aspirations.
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Productive and Fun environment

Company has productive and fun loving environment. Enjoyed it. If I could work there again I would. I have nothing too bad to say about Mphasis as an overall organization. It was a decent at home job for me
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HR has no clarity nor hiring manager about the position or requirements they hire for.

HR has no clarity nor hiring manager about the position or requirements they hire for. Senior level people who are looking for challenging and interesting profile, my personal suggestion PLEASE DO NOT PUT your Career on stake.


Seriously I have nothing to write here may be others have their experience.


No project allocation, no salary hike, your manager changes frequently may be twice or thrice in a year, now you can imagine what will happen to your appraisal.
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Bad management. Partiality is at its best. Managers partial and iliterate.

People will not recognise your talent until and unless you are their pet. People will expect from you to be their tail then only they will promote you. If you are raising concern then you will be considered as trouble maker.




Stressful life
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Productive and Good company culture

I enjoyed my journey in Mphasis. Company provided me all sevices which I applied for. I really feel safe and secure. Good and helpful managers and co-workers.


Cab facility


Less salary hike
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Great place to work

Great place to work, important part Management is good. Get to know new things and increase your learning skills. Whenever and whereever required you are recognized for your skills and hardwork.
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Average company to work

Mphasis Management is poor & working hours very long . Very Stressful job at mphasisNo work life balance exists in mphasisNo improvement in the work
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Good to work here

Overall good company to work with. Best part is they do not have any variable concept in Salary. Flexible working time and balanced personal and professional life.
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Work life balance

Here your work life balance is too good. You can enjoy your life, complete work from home is plus. Before corona also wfh was permanent.if you're joining mphasis then in starting itself negotiate your ctc well. They pay very good.


Work from home, free tea coffee milk.


Hike is very slow.
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Join only if you have no other offer

Management is playing with employees and it's their way or highway. Initial CTC is good and no yearly hikes as any other IT companies.Very less projects in company. If you move on to bench it's very likely you may have to resign in 1-6 months as your rating.


Ctc, Joining bonus


Micro management, Very less projects, Paid Cab facility is very poor
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Relaxed work no pressure and all. awesome work experience in mphasis, good job security. good management. and job culture also good. overall very good company to work..
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I was feeling very good when I was working with Mphasis with respect to work life balance, work culture and the vision/mission that the company had for its customers and employees. But, I wanted a change at time. Thank you.
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Good workplace for work life balance

Happy to work with Mphasis as I can see there are scope for learning new technologies, Updating technical skills, maintain work lift balance and nice workplace culture
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Fun Work space

Good company to work with. You get to learn a lot work life balance is good and fun committee does a great job in arranging events. . .
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A contracting company. Does a good job of keeping the employees happy in order to keep the customer happy.

Mphasis is based in India and the pay scale is far below the American pay scale. They have a good policy when a contract is complete. They give you 3 weeks or 3 job opportunities if you do not accept any of the opportunities then you will be dismissed.
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Fun and productive workplace

Good colleagues and a relaxed atmosphere to work. Management is good.. Learned to work as a team and the work environment is very good.. Management and colleagues are very helpful
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