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Customer Service Representative98 recenzii

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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Good work environment.

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Good place to work but lack of growth opportunities and increase in salary. Depending on the manager u might been given all th support you require. Hope this helps.
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Not ideal pay and overworked

Don't depend on takin a break or having to leave your desk to go-to the restroom. You're constantly being watched there are a lot of micro managing. Don't count your ducks, it's very fast pace and the system applications are out of date. Expect to log into numerous account applications and having to restart your computer is so time consuming. The pay is not compared to the amount of work you will have to do. They don't pay you for time and half on mandatory holidays.
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Fun workplace,very nice managers

Very good workplace,managers are really very good,target oriented but very helpful and cooperating managers, fun activities on fridays,just reach your targets which can be easily reached.
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Great place to work!

Remote!!! Call center environment. Calls are steady so it makes the day go by fast. Pay is pretty good and paid on a weekly basis. There is always overtime if you want to do but I have not had mandatory overtime yet. The only policy that could use some help is the occurrence system.
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Poor Management

Stressful and poor management,It is a good company but the management is very bad when it comes to handling their employees.There is no growth and no salary increment.
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Friendly work environment

What is the best part of working at the company?Mphasis is the best company ever,Friendly work environment, great infrastructure and facilities, attractive incentives, employees safety.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Night shifts,Or rotational shiftsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?It's very very good means it's so amazing
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I you are looking for a professional company to work at this is not it. Just run and don't look back. The pay is horrible. Especially, for all of the duties that they expect you do.
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Good start to a career

Opting a BPO as your first job is a good start as you learn a little about the corporate field. However, do not rely completely in the same field. Explore what's better for you.


Timely salary and incentives


Long hours of work and Night Shifts
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Fun and productive, new things and tasks makes us encouraged.

I love working with mphasis, very kind and supportive people always there to achieve my work pressure. Iam able to learn more and welcoming new tasks so that it will be great challenging in life, to face any situation at work.




Health care
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productivity and fun go hand in hand

If given a chance I would love to work for Mphasis again.I enjoyed my tenure with Mphasis. Regret for leaving such a nice company. It is more employee centric.
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Terrible place

Terrible laid the whole 150 employee staff before the holidays only to replace us and pay the new staff less. We were literally told the DAY BEFORE, that the project was extended and job security wasn’t an issue only to be laid off the very next day.
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Overall Xcellent

Work culture is good,company policies also good,teammates are supportive to reach targets.I learnt every thing on the job,I got chance to work different roles within same team
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Productive and fun work place

I heard about Mphasis name so many time and it's a dream come true that i also work in same company. All managers, TL are very helpful. They think about employees issues, concerns and treat as per the solution.
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do your duty that is your buty

At Mphasis it was tough to work as I had to answer 180 calls. In my login time. The management was good and cooperative. I learned how to answer the calls and speak in a polite way.


Free transport


Long hours
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Excellent training in customer service

Excellent training in customer service However I feel they should offer a more competitive wage. I feel after each year you should get a minimum of at least a one dollar raise.


Weekends & Holidays off


A lot of times lunches are shortened by mandatory overtime and hours or extended
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Mangers are very rude and argumentative. You are very under paid for are the work that you have to do. They also are not all on the same page. One manger will say one thing and the other will say something completely different.


Really cool coworkers
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Carrier opportunity

Working in the company, I felt that working here is easy and the future is also safe because here we all had health insurance as well as provided funds.
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Comfortable work space

Joining as a fresher and being in such a huge org helps us know what a corporate environment is and lets you take a professional step in your carrer as there is confirmed job stability.
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Good palce to work

Its been great work with mphasis ltd I learned from mphasis how work professoinaly work place was very good and positive enverment they are celebrate all festivel in company




8 Hrs shigf
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Work life balance is high. Job security is high. Good for senior professionals. Good work culture Cons Most of the projects are maintenance projects. No new technologies. Onsite opportunities are not allowed for L4 levels. More politics in senior levels
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Excellent workplace

Supportive staff, Good Security Services, Great service of canteen, House keeping staff is very hardworking, Company provides coffee and pure Tea totally free anytime.. Arrange Parties, Celebrating every Festival... Enjoy on Floor with work
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