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Executive Recruiter14 recenzii

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3,6Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Nice people great culture and progressive environment

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Tenure I served with Mindlance was a great journey with lots of learning, earnings and bonding. My managers where supporting and motivating. Team was happy n helpful.
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Best Staffing Company

Good people to work. Best staffing company to work for in central India. They have a lot of good and top tech clients. If you do 1 offer every month, you will be safe in job
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Productive and Fun Placde

Excellent SalaryAwesome work environmentLot of Learning for newbiesWork BalanceAppraisals on timeProper Rewards & RecognitionProper guidelines given about who is responsible for what which leads to proper functioning of different departments
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Working here is good & has good work life balance. Job security is there & management ahs a nice way to manage and bring new clients

Working here is good & has good work life balance. Job security is there & management ahs a nice way to manage and bring new clients. There is free cab facility


Free cab


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Good Incentive Structure

This could be a long term regular job, will pay you a decent, recognized brand in the region. Cons: Political environment. Overall its a fair place to work and earn money.
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Productive and fun work place

A perfect professional environment and nice place to work. Management is always helful and team leaders care about their team members. Timely organized events.


Fun trips, gifts, occasional parties


Long hours, internal dispute
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productive and fun workplace

learning atmosphere motivating managers helping and supportive colleagues relax atmosphere good tea breaks fun workplace helping team coordinating people




sometimes long working hours
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very nice work environment with the motivation to grow always.

Its a great place with full opportunity to learn and grow. Getting exposure to work with different skills, clients and people gives the vast range to explore. The managers are very friendly and helping.




night shift
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good company to start your career with

Nice work culture, managers are very cooperative and helpful. Table tennis and Fuse ball to play around during spare time.


free cab


it is a recruitment firm please don't make it a call center, Believe on quality not on quantity, Do not force recruiters to make irreverent calls.
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Overall work life depends on the Manager and Requirements you face.

Good to start the career, I don't know when all American' and european company people work only for regular 8-9 hours shift no matter what and then why indian companies want to treat Indian as slave and let them work extra and over-time forcefully, and the upbringing of indian employees is like that they never refuse to be Idiot slaves of the company. Long hours / Extension / Then too in Night Shift NO Overtime Money Working more then 9-10 hours should be seriously condemned by the government of the country


Good to Start the Career


Long Hours, Extension, Night Shift
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Multitasking work

Being in HR profile taking care of 70% Recruitment and 30% Operation work. It was good experience in learning and understanding in details. I loved to work in this profile but wanted to go step by step. First want to be fully skilled in Recruitment that's why chose Recruitment after this company. And now wanted to move into either talent Acquisition or in Operati HR profile.
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fun work place

it was a good experience working at Mind lance. good work environment., good training, well supportive co workers, totally it was a satisfying job.


free lunches, free pick and drop facilities, good infrastructure


long hours
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Company Review

Excellent Company to work . Fun activity is there and employee engagement is nice. People working there are supportive and management is absolutely up to the mark.
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Productive and Fun at work

Mind lance is a great place to work with . I have learned a lot from this company. Job Culture is ausum , Management is also cooperative.
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