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Worked for the World BANK through Mindlance. It was okay. Pay was okay. The bank was okay. They day was okay. I recommend finding some place less stressful.
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Remote work for HEDIS and quality

I was contracted to another company for projects that were time-sensitive and accuracy was the priority. I worked remotely but had a strong team that would call for support and was available to support me as we worked through the project goals.
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Learn at workplace

Management gives you opportunities to work in a different sector altogether to explore new segments and enhance your skills. I would surely recommend the company to others.
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Productive and employee centered

They assisted in all aspects of the hiring process. They engaged me at the beginning and end of the process. They were good about negotiating a higher pay rate.
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Agency work

Worked for an Insurance agency a couple of seasons for annual work that is a short contract. Typical day was actually working for a big insurance company both in office and remote. Enjoyed both but the in office was stressful and unorganized by the insurance co. not by Mindlance.
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Enjoy processing loans and subledgers

This is my first assignment with Mindlance. The assignment at Citi Bank, for the most part I enjoy what I do. Down fall, work is not steady and there is a lot of down time. Leaders are not all friendly or professional and makes it a hostile environment to work in.
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Nice Culture, Work- Life Balance and Rewarding

I worked here for more than 4 years, earlier I came from 12 hrs a day shift job with no transportation facilities but after joining this company it seemed like heaven to me, good culture, cab facility, no overtime, no pressure and you get more output with even average input. And you can take long leaves in advance when you need to take some time off.
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Great Company

I work as a contractor to another company for Mindlance. The account manager at Mindlance is awesome to work with. I feel the pay is very competitive and benefits are decent
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This company is growing.

I enjoyed my short time there and would expect any new hire to find this place to be beyond pleasant and professional. They constantly had new offers for new opportunities.
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First company to start my career

One of my favorite company to work far.I really liked working environment and work culture. Well taking cares of Employees and their need. Will definitely recommend friends/ Colleague to work here.
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Working here is good & has good work life balance. Job security is there & management ahs a nice way to manage and bring new clients

Working here is good & has good work life balance. Job security is there & management ahs a nice way to manage and bring new clients. There is free cab facility


Free cab


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Gone and forgotten

Never have I worked for an organization that couldn’t care less about you as a person once the hiring process was complete. And God forbid something happens and you lose your job; you might as well be on the moon, because they then NO LONGER CARE about you. They left me feeling useless. They over-promise and under-deliver on most things, and are horrible at returning calls.
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Productive and Fun work place

Started here as a fresher and grew to a senior executive. Would love to work again if I had a chance. Always had fun. My team was the most workaholic at the same time fun filled.
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Bad experience

Mindlance guys give wrong commitments about working hours. Be very careful in dealing with them. They told that I will get minimum 40 hours per week at Zebra, but I only get 6 hours per week.
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I enjoyed this job it was a temp job through a temp agency.

I have already explained this job before. Why are you asking me to repeat this again? I have no more to say because I said it earlier in the other statement. I am not going to repeat myself again.
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Good Job Agency

This is a great job agency company who helps to provide you with the right opportunity based on your needs. I wish that benefit costs were reasonable and affordable
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Not much focus on their contract workers

Mindlance in themselves are a decent company for the employees of Mindlance, but its as if they move on once you're reporting to the contract's place of business. They don't communicate very well and take a great deal of time to place you in a company. If you didn't need a job, and you were just looking for something new, Mindlance would be a perfect fit. But if you need a job and actually depend on your paycheck to pay bills... Mindlance would not be a good first choice. - And they do not offer benefits. At all.


Pay rate is okay.


No benefits, poor communication, lengthy application process.
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not happy

they don't care about what happens to you while you're on an contact. they will not follow back up. the company i work for was trashy and the turn over rate was higher.
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Productive and nice work culture to work with

Productive and nice work culture to work with. Got to learn best test practices, tools like jenkins,maven,Agile Methodology.Team was good to work with.
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Great place to work

Mindlance has been a great place to work. The account managers are very helpful and supportive. I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to join the Mindlance family.


Good compensation for contractors.


Unfortunately, you never know when your contract may end and cause you to be unemployed.
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Let go from assignment too quickly

I took assignment there to last last over a year, but to my surprise I and others were let go 32 days later. Mindlance told us they either couldn't verify our employment/or high school records. All of us sent our information several times to the company. I and others was so mad how can a thing like this happen, The client was notify days later that we wouldn't return. Just bad for business, in myopinion don't work there cuz you want be there for long and they didn't care. information before you start a job


Great pay


Let go without notice
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