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Worked for the World BANK through Mindlance. It was okay. Pay was okay. The bank was okay. They day was okay. I recommend finding some place less stressful.
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Ok for a contingent worker

Decent company to work with. Worked more with employees of the company they contracted with. They sent emails periodically to see how the job was going for me.
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Straight forward staff and offer rates are great! Very reasonable window from application to start date. Placed with very respectable companies with a solid reputations.
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Overall good company to work

Job stability is there. Salary is good.People treat you well and opportunites are there for growth. Work life balance is there along with some flexibility.
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Good Experience & Management

My experience so far has been great. The Leadership team, business team, and support teams work and function in Sync to maintain good experience across the board. Internally as well as with the contingent workforce.
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Interesting hiring process

Hiring process is interesting. When I got a job offer from Mindlance I was surprised. The opportunity seems too good to be true. Only time will tell.
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Productive, and very experimental.

What is the best part of working at the company?They are very professional and very considerate of their candidatesWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?nothing was stressful they made you feel very welcome and a part of.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?I actually was on remote work for them, but the environment was very welcomed.What is a typical day like for you at the company?I was on remote work for them, but a typical day was very welcomed.
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Nice people great culture and progressive environment

Tenure I served with Mindlance was a great journey with lots of learning, earnings and bonding. My managers where supporting and motivating. Team was happy n helpful.
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Best Staffing Company

Good people to work. Best staffing company to work for in central India. They have a lot of good and top tech clients. If you do 1 offer every month, you will be safe in job
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Contractor for Intel

Intel was a creat place to work, but my contractor was pretty much non-excisting. I only hear from Mindlance when there was issues with my timesheet. No support!
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Fun loving work culture

Good place to work , Company has clear vision of growth and success. I would say I love to work again with Mindlance !! They treat people well , No such lay offs!! They gave more than enough time to employee to proof themselves.
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Effective Communication

Good communication. Make sure they are contacting with their partners effectively to make sure one gets the job that meets their criteria. Good professionalism as well
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great job but the benefits aren’t great

great job but the benefits aren’t great (flexed hours for holiday’s, no PTO, no raise in the first year) the pay is okay for the job but if you’re looking to grow and climb up the ladder look elsewhere
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productive place

You need to work and show efficiency, all recommendations for this place.I have learnt so much, people are kind and knowledgeable. I enjoyed it. Management is well organized and there are no cons to this job description.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?They are always there for you.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sometimes getting your paycheck but rarely.
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Worst place ever

A true mess and unstable job security Look elsewhere , waste of time and they’re always firing everyone. Truly do not care about the employees other than sales




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Work environment best

Good place to work. Only incentives are less as compared to other companies. Companies rewards are the best. Communication is transparent Between manager and recruiter. Surely recommend.


Work environment, peace


Incentive is less, no fun activity
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Balanced work environment

It was a good time that I spend with Mindlance as I was into Timesheet team and it was very flexible with the kind of work we did. it did not had a great growth structure and also salary was very low as compared to the industry standards.


Job security. Good paid leaves


Management. Career Growth
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Responsive but no continuity

Recruiters were very responsive at replying to emails and calls. The hiring process for the company I was contracted didn’t take long, however I worked with at least 3-4 different people in the process. In other experiences with agencies I had one point of contact that made it a much simpler process.
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Don't plan on staying here long

Company doesn't care about employee development or advancement. This is not a good place to try to grow as a professional in the tech space. You will not get any benefits.
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Great management at Apple with zero real GIS experience gained

Expect to learn a software that is not widely used in the GIS industry despite what higher-ups may tell you. You have zero chance of becoming an apple employee. Everyone receives a $2/hr bonus 6 months into their contract so there is no reason to go above and beyond. Benefits are terrible and there is no PTO. Culture used to be great but WFH has ruined that. This job can be done remotely but they are returning to office soon. If you take this job you should spend your free time after work continuing to learn practical GIS applications. This job is a dead end and you should treat it as such. Finally, no matter what mindlance recruiters may tell you, you will NOT have a shot at becoming an Apple employee.
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