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Overall a good services company

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Good projects to work on with fortune 500 clients, career advancement, good culture, fairly helpful coworkers. Could improve few things operationally.
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Not satisfied with pay policies

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing best at LTIMOnly business growth is given importance.No focus on employee satisfaction, specially for long timers who are at senior positionSenior project manager(P4) has double the salary of associate director(P5)Lot of disparity in salary of same grade and work experienceWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Salary disparity is the most demotivating factorWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Good, if you are getting expected salary, then you can continue working at LTIMWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Enough work to be utilized for the entire day
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Not much projects. Management is poor Lot of bench time with no learning curve . Appraisal cycle is also delayed with very very less percentage of hike.
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Some projects have good work life balance

ProsSome projects have good work life balance. Team mates were supportiveGood company for settle down. Conscompany should give good hike to employees.
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Good company for fresher and experienced person.Tech stack is very good .Manager and colleagues were very supportive.Enjoyed my tenure with this company.
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Highly political

Very difficult to accomplish things when every small decision or request must go through a never ending (and often looping) line of approval. Political.
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Goof to start

Good to start Training will greatMerged recentlySo some clumsy will be there. upto now no hikes . Waiting for hikes and projects and incentives Mamagement is goodManagers all are amature
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No work life Balance, No good Management

Management does not care about the employees, work culture is not good at all lots of micro management. They even ask you to work on holiday, weekend. Over commitment to client without consulting with the team members.
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Good place to work

I have been with LTI for only 9 months and I really like the work culture. Alot of employees there are experienced and you get to learn a lot from them.There’s no bonus but you will get competitive salary.
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Nice environment for a work

8 hrs workLearned a.lot functionaly and morallyGreat management Hybrid work culture .Mostly follow agile methodology Nothing hard apart from getting new project
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Solid Customer Service Job

This job entails taking calls to create technical support cases. The callers are rarely aggressive and usually professional. The job has low barriers to entry. You will benefit from a technical background, but anyone can do the job well without one. The current setup is hybrid, 3 days working from home and 2 in person. The work from home days are very good for getting other things done, as call volume is generally low.
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Good policies

Company has good employee friendly policies. Thr work you get depends on the project you are in, work life balance and everything will depend upon that.
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Try to leave as soon as you can!

This company was decent when it was just LTI but now bad policies coupled with ongoing recessions have made staying here quite difficult.Pros: Good starting salary for laterals.Cons: Low to no hikes
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Good Service Based Company

Good Service Based Company. Hybrid Working Model. Good Projects Good Management. Less Work Pressure. Too many interviews for project selection.Cons : Bench Policy.
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Job safety, good client mostly

job safety work life balancegood clients mostly , not all though but can easily switch if you don't like manger is mostly supportive and get onsite however will take lots of time for that process.Admin and HR never respond you.


Very less hike, Admin and HR is worst
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Overall, good experience with a few hiccups

Pretty decent organisation for an entry level job.They also do provide reimbursement for external certification ( within reason).Perks are also decent, but the pay could be more.
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Good but Small company

It was a good company but had very less projects. So switching or changing tech stack is very difficult. Most are made redundant if no positions are there which are anyway few and far between.
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Good and great work experience and no much sap projects no work pressure and no work from home option
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Good company in service base

Company is good, rest depends on the project, obviously management don’t listen you at all, they just say yes for everything to keep you in the project but the end you don’t get what you asked for.
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Mindtree was great, but LTIMindtree is a disaster

Good learning initially but later you will face only disappointments .Delayed and poor hikes, no promotion,management is not stable . No proper policies and no transparency on anything. Do not make the mistake of joining this company .
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I will be sharing my personal experience. As per learning i learned a lot as per my work but was not appreciated till end. So many promises were made earlier such has salary hike and promotions which was not been executed instead my compensation letter was stopped my 20 months of hardwork went into vain they havent even given my hard work money and at the end it was like we dont need you we can train other people instead of you
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