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3,9Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Partea pozitiva in acest moment este ca am un loc de munca lejer, insa nu imi ofera nici o provocare in plan profesional.
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A very good work-life balance

The people are very organized and is a very good work-life balance. For a junior is a good start, you can learn new things in a non-toxic environment.
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Arbeitsstelle in Homeoffice, in Bukarest.

Alles war Ok, bis wann das Projekt fertig war. Ich wollte weiter arbeiten, bei IBM.


Urlaub, etc.
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- confidential

Sunt încântat să spun mai multe despre locul de munca, dar acum nu este momentul potrivit.
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I't not so great, but I loved it to work here

The company offers a lot of training programs and development possibilities. You can shift roles and learn from others. They offer 1 day of working from home and are very flexible when it comes to family issues and children. The benefits are missing from the picture, but the salaries are nice. The department strategy, teams structure and products focus are changing at least one per year for most of the employees, so you need to keep up with the changes and be flexible and fast learner.
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Nu e platit

Nu mi-a placut absolut deloc acest loc de munca pentru ca nu a fost platit
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Good to work at ibm. They have good certificates and badges and very good personal developement tools.
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I've learned that you must wotk in pairs and co-work with others regarding their believes. The management is very deficitary and no one supports you after a negative feedback..
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Great co-workers and good general atmosphere

I recommend the company to every developer that is ready to take his work to the next level. Anyone will find a perfect balance of job work and life balance.
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The company about people

IBM was like a family to me, where they take you in a journey of constant learning and improving. I love the way management is supporting and how the offices look like, as well as the tools that we had chance to use, both internal and external. One more thing to add, is the cultural diversity that brings huge creativity in the marketing activities. Always on project, challenges between international's a bless if you opt to try them. One thing to be considered, you need to negotiate your salary at the beginning, otherwise yearly increase does not please that much.


good management, social events, free trainings, ww travel opportunities


no coffee, low bonuses
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Este un loc de munca care iti ofera stabilitate, siguranta.


bonuri de masa
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Nice place to work where you can learn new things

It's a very nice place to work for pleasure. You can learn new things, learn about the latest technologies. I like to work in this environment because it is well organized and oriented towards personal development.
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Good place to work

Nice and professional people. Good management. Old technologies and procedures. Good life-work balance. Good location in a new building in the center of the city.
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Working at IBM

Work in IBM can be very challenging as every day you learn something new. Jobs are various, you can get management advise on how to build your career. Now depends on how much you want to grow your career.
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Very Productive

I learned in a short time to support business applications and ERP software and the interfaces between them. I learned also to work with external customers.


Long hours
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Great experience

Main focus is on the project you're working on and around the technologies used to deliver on the same. Yet you are surrounded by great/experienced people.
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Challenging and productive

Management is good - ready to help with your problems When hands on - you feel the pressure of the work but everything is professional. Not a lot of help from your colleagues Great environment to grow and develop Lots of trainings


lunch gym
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Challenging and rewarding

A challenging work environment that provides the opportunity to grow professionally. Facing new challenges every day, and constantly search for new ways to improve the quality of the services provided, gives you the knowledge and necessary experience not only to deliver results but also to add value to the business.


free courses and certification, bonuses, attractive sallary
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Ambiente de trabajo divertido

Me gusta mucho trabajar en IBM y mis companeros de trabajo son mis amigos. Hay mas de 10 anos que trabajo en IBM y es como mi familia, pero la inseguridad es el motivo por lo qual siento que unas cosas tienen que cambiarse.


Seguro medico privado


La inseguridad
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medium environment

the project was medium as complexity and as futures developments it don;t show enough perspective
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Team Work

QA-Testing-Jira-HP ALM-Agile-SQL-Analysis-Regression-E2E-UAT Specialist actively involved simultaneously in different projects for testing and verification of software package, and patch updates developed by different software firms. My responsibility also includes documentation of different projects, analysis and reviewing activities. Throughout my career I’ve taken numerous trainings, to assist not only with my professional development, but to let each company and project I’ve worked for to know my commitment to my profession and position. I hope to show your organization my passion, dedication and responsibility and in the same time to bring here my knowledge, and future knowledge.
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