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3,5Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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productive and a great place to grow

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Great place with a friendly atmosphere where everybody is trying to be helpful and the work load is fairly divided for different departments. A good workplace for someone who wants to promote as they are further developing and growing.
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complex, large multinational copany

the company has several divisions seen as individual companies and the management is quite flexible considering the complexity of its organizational structure. Some processes do not work as it should but being a large company since the 19 50's it is quite difficult to update everything and optimize processes in a short period of time. They work with consultants and it is part of any job to actually be ready to collaborate with external consultants in order to develop internal processes. The R & D and the customer base is exceptional based on long-term collaborations and the company believes in communication on every level as the trigger for excellence. Pressure is high in every department and it is a continuous learning and training process to work with them.


salary, experience


stress and pressure on a daily basis
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interesting place to work

good organizational culture, with a powerful brand. New leadership making deep changes- transforming Honeywell into a software company usually highly experienced managers


powerful brand culture


work life balance
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Do no not recommend HON

Poor management. No contact with management; no interest from their side to have a team. No transparency from HR Poor benefits Income not competitive with the market
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good online trainings

I love the fact that Honeywell allows me to take online courses for my career development, the learning hub is well structured and has courses and certifications that you can get free of charge!
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Very serious

When it comes to a multinational company which has so many employees it really depends on the country and department you work. In Romania, Bucharest the people were committed and hard working.
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Honeywell is the perfect workplace if you are looking for a professional but friendly environment. They expect their employees to be independent and proactive, but they also offer them the necessary tools and opportunities to learn and develop.


Plenty of career development opportunities
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Steady as they come

2 years in here can work miracles for your next job - the people I met are wonderful and helping, the managers I have are truly great people, the opportunities I had made me a loyal employee - but I've seen my fair dose of exceptions on other teams. you feel lucky?
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in few words: the best job

Here I had the opportunity to apply everything I learned and I was trained for. For the first time in my carrier I was directly and actively involved in the development of a job objective and had the satisfaction of having succeeded. Great leaders and friendly peers! Extraordinary and rewarding work environment and workplace culture! The hardest part of the job was to leave such a workplace...
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Technology and people orientated company

Good place to work to obtain technical indepth knowledge. Great Opportunities. Provides great platform for learning. I am getting exposed to some new technologies and highly knowledgeable people. My work environment is pretty motivating, specially with the people whom I work with.


Slow to recognize hardworking people
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Agreable working environment, great proffessional people and good leaders to learn from

I believe that Honeywell is a great company that can help and motivated employee to achieve his goals and to grow within the company. It definitely was a good chioce for me.
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great place with open mindset people

great place with open mindset people, encouraging continuous improvement and growth, good environment and intercultural exchanges, continuous learning, good dynamics
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Asambling turbochargers parts.

Checking and assembling diferite parts of turbochargers.It was the most wonderful company i ever work for.Nice environment,good colegues.
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Productive and fun workplace with many professionals

People are realy professionals and self motivated. The company offers good benefits to satisfy the hard work. Between benefits I can point to lunch tickets.
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Amazing technologies where I learn a lot

I learn a lot but by my self because they don`t send you at training.The people are amazing and they know a lot of good things.I like what I was doing and that was the most enjoyable part of my job.
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First experience in the work field

A typical day at work started at 9 am. and finished at 15 pm. During my internship I learned that team work is the most important thing. And when your co-workers are aiming for the same goals it is even better. Also I learned how to deal with other people from other departments with different backgrounds. The management was a mix between Japanese culture and the Romanian one and it felt like an interesting experiment.


Free lunch


Some co-workers
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Hard work with a lot of fun in team buildings.

I've learned to be competitive and to listen my co-workers ideas and in the same time I have the opportunity to improve everything, starting from the recreation place till where I do my work. The hardest part of the job is to satisfy the expectation and the requirements of the clients but this it means that we are in a continual improvement. The most enjoyable part of the job is that we are a family exactly like I like to say: we are like the bees, all together and the best workers.


Short breaks, healthcare, gym, competitions.
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fun team

overall a good company. I have learned a lot in my time as a customer service there. top management was really ok, middle management...not so much :)
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Starting the Greenfield.

Participate at starting the Greenfield / Startup of the plant in Ploiesti. Planed, supported and followed-up the new production equipment’s design reviews, commercial activities, purchasing, deployment planning and lines homologation. Organized cross-functional reviews of project development and deployment to ensure the business targets are met. Communicated directly with the suppliers to align timing plans and risks information, escalade critical issues. Managed the investment budget and assured the spending was done as planned.
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Ambitious workplace

A typical day start at 8.00 with reading e-mails and getting information about last part of previous day. Then all daily meetings to present reports and elaborate priorities up 10.30. The management team has ambitious objectives and manage the team into that direction. Colleagues are friendly and have open mind. The most difficult thing that you can obtain on that company is approval for expenses. It takes too long time...


New technology


Too difficult to get mony for new projects
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Supplier Quality Assurance Engineer

In charge with a 20-25 suppliers portfolio, considering all quality matters for deliver products, containment actions,8D Analysis,etc.


Great work environment, many opportunities


Lack of a menthor, poor teamwork.
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