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3,5Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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productive and a great place to grow

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Great place with a friendly atmosphere where everybody is trying to be helpful and the work load is fairly divided for different departments. A good workplace for someone who wants to promote as they are further developing and growing.
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Honeywell in Rumänien ist 1.te Klasse

Es gibt wenige oder gar keine Möglichkeiten für eine globale Karriere; ein Umzug in andere Länder ist nicht leicht möglich. Es scheint keine enge Kommunikation zwischen den BG's zu geben.Ansonsten war ich überrascht, von Honeywell Rumänien nach Deutschland umzuziehen und die schlechten Sicherheitsregeln in Produktionsbereichen in deutschen Unternehmen zu entdecken. Nach der Honeywell-Erfahrung habe ich mir beim Wechsel von einem Werk in Rumänien zu einem anderen Unternehmen in einem Werk in Deutschland viel mehr erwartet. Ich nehme an, meine Erwartungen waren zu hoch.


Teamarbeit, Leadership


Not easy to relocate around the world
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Not recommend

Not recommend, management and hr department very old mentality, favorize only the people without personality and persons that doesn’t provide feedback.
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A pleasant working environment

Honeywell is a place where you definitely have something to learn
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Productive workplace

Currently working in a cross-functional global team to develop a global technical textiles new business initiative for Spectra® Fiber. Working together, we've conducted market analysis, built and implemented a marketing plan consisting of developing new offerings an updated channel plan and co-branding plan.
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Competitive workplace culture

Opportunities to learn on the job, good training curricula, however the hardest part of the jobs was keeping a work-life balance as organizational development wasn't a priority on the company's agenda.
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A good workplace as a first job.

I had a great experience in Honeywell until very recent, the colleagues and environment are great, especially working with foreigners from other parts of the business, but the ones who lead and approve what happens in this customers are not so great. Why? Let me tell you why. For more than a year now our hiring process is frozen and our teams needed to be scrambled in order to cope with the evergrowing workflow and requests. They barely hired new colleagues and those colleagues need to be trained by us, and that we don't really have time to do. Last year someone sent an idea of having online training with pre-made videos for the new joiners in order to get them up to speed, it has not been approved even now. Other problem than that is the fact that we work 3 times more than we should and our income stayed the same, and here in this major city if you pay rent, you will lose 70% - 85% of the current salary just for expenses and this is no way to live. After we worked hard last year we have been told that new raises have been set in motion, when I went to the meeting it was a raise of less than 40$ which was a joke. Beside that we received news some days ago that the raises get cancelled due to COVID-19, and we said: ok but we will get this raise next year right?. Their response: no the next year you will get the raise for the 2020 you lost your raise for work done in 2019. Then they sugar coated everything as they always do when talking with every employee individually saying ohh how great your skills are and how far you will reach. Apparently there are colleagues that - 
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No time to get bored but just challenge

There is a very dynamic company in a complex process of transformation and transition to meet the difficult challenges of the world wide markets. The career opportunities are very diverse and interesting.
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Productive, invests in employee's skills development, accent on quality

A typical day at work: *Prepare Tier meetings- presentation of Tier 1 and reports *Core activities - escalations SAP- Salesforce *Customer engagement and solving process issues-Siebel CRM- SAP *Lunch *Calls for quality- meetings; process of opportunity booking/invoicing *Non core activities- order processing, engineers support *Knowledge sharing ; contracts review; documentation check and follow up with sales and project managers *Customer focus, reporting , Purchase Requisitions Great workplace culture, young employees and open minded, supporting and involved management.
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Nice workplace

Multicultural workplace. I experienced working with different type of customers, from different sides of the world. Managers and team leaders were overall ok.
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Environnement de travail confortable avec les problématiques d'une entreprise mammouth

Environnement de travail confortable, professionnel mais très étouffé par réunions inutiles. En plus, la possibilité d'avancement est très vague. J'étais dans un département entry-level qui en fait offrait nules possibilités d'avancement: pour gagner une nouvelle position il fallait des abilités qu'on gagne pas où je travaillais. Le recruitement pour les chefs de département se faisait toujours à l'éxterieur de la compagnie. En outre, les salaires étaient bonnes et ils faisaient des efforts pour faire le travail plus agréable.


Évaluation plus claire que dans autres entreprises. La voix des embauchés est écoutée.


Les possibilités d'avancement sont très vagues, Le recruitement pour les chefs de département se faisait toujours à l'éxterieur de la compagnie.
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Good place to work

Good work culture Learned more about BMS Systems, and estimation procedures in a large corporation The manager was the key to my apreciation of the company


Nice colleagues


Long hours
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El mejor lugar para desarrollarse personalmente y profesionalmente

Una de las mejores ventajas de trabajar en Honeywell es que se centra en sus empleados. Les ofrece el acceso gratuito a un catalogo de cursos y la posibilidad de desarollar las areas profesionales que les interesa.


El acceso a cursos de desarrollo profesional/personal


La dificultad de cambiar de puesto en la empresa
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Do no not recommend HON

Poor management. No contact with management; no interest from their side to have a team. No transparency from HR Poor benefits Income not competitive with the market
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Honeywell is the perfect workplace if you are looking for a professional but friendly environment. They expect their employees to be independent and proactive, but they also offer them the necessary tools and opportunities to learn and develop.


Plenty of career development opportunities
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Steady as they come

2 years in here can work miracles for your next job - the people I met are wonderful and helping, the managers I have are truly great people, the opportunities I had made me a loyal employee - but I've seen my fair dose of exceptions on other teams. you feel lucky?
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in few words: the best job

Here I had the opportunity to apply everything I learned and I was trained for. For the first time in my carrier I was directly and actively involved in the development of a job objective and had the satisfaction of having succeeded. Great leaders and friendly peers! Extraordinary and rewarding work environment and workplace culture! The hardest part of the job was to leave such a workplace...
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Technology and people orientated company

Good place to work to obtain technical indepth knowledge. Great Opportunities. Provides great platform for learning. I am getting exposed to some new technologies and highly knowledgeable people. My work environment is pretty motivating, specially with the people whom I work with.


Slow to recognize hardworking people
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Agreable working environment, great proffessional people and good leaders to learn from

I believe that Honeywell is a great company that can help and motivated employee to achieve his goals and to grow within the company. It definitely was a good chioce for me.
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great place with open mindset people

great place with open mindset people, encouraging continuous improvement and growth, good environment and intercultural exchanges, continuous learning, good dynamics
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Asambling turbochargers parts.

Checking and assembling diferite parts of turbochargers.It was the most wonderful company i ever work for.Nice environment,good colegues.
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