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Loc de munca comod, unde daca stii de la bun inceput in ce directie te indrepti sau ai rabdarea necesare, promovarea vine, insa salariul este mic.


Program wellness


stil putin comunist managerial
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A great place with amazing people

HP is a really flexible and fun workplace. The management is great and very supportive and you barely feel like they are your superiors. They are very understanding and are ok with whatever schedule you work on as long as you deliver good results (within deadlines). The only downside (at least for Bucharest office) is regarding the contract. They mostly hire throughout a contractor and you have to renew your contract a couple of times to get a permanent position (2-3 years).


Relaxing working place, fun people


They barely offer permanent positions, very outdated tools, salary could be bigger
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It could be good if it weren't for the people

The salary is good, the benefits are varied and there really is work-life balance, sometmes even more life than work. But 90% of the people (colleagues and managers alike) make HP Inc a bad place to work, in the top 5 employers... to be avoided. It is extremely hard for a new joiner. There is a clique-y attitude. If you are more on the introverted side and despise favoritism and asskissing, then stay away from this place. No matter how hard you work, you get 0 recognition if you don't play by the rule, keep your head down, never speak your mind and sweet talk the right people. What is even more outrageous is, these things are sometimes openly admitted. You get 0 trainings, if you need help you are on your own. If you value learning and hard work, this is not the place to be. Some team leadets are extremely unpolite and perceive themselves as demi-gods. If you don't sweet talk them and bring coffee to their table (even if you are not their secretary) you may end up being humiliated in public. You can't complain to anyone about this because, in this company, managers are non-existent. Managers are fictional beings with 0 responsibilities placed there just to remind you how busy they are. One more thing, the labour legislation is not respected in HP Inc. Rest leave is, in some teams, considered optional.


Good salary, varied benefits, work-life balance


Toxic environment, favoritism, absent management, no trainings, the labour legislation is not always respected, uneducated people, team leaders with 0 people skills
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fun working

it was fun working there, not paid good, would recommend friends as a job for starters, who needs a good salary has to look somewhere else than HP, stressful
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Productive, fun workplace

HP is a company that cares for its employees and teaches them the Organisational culture, provides valuable pieces of training and also benefits. I am proud to have been an employee of this company.
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Great place for graduates

It's a good job as a first job, but salaries and benefits are below IT market average. Everything is a continuous change (splits, unifications of teams and departments, processes, etc.) The high management lacks vision.
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Very nice for the right person

Although my particular set of skills and personality prevented me to enjoy this job to the fullest i must say that the culture, support and benefits were hard to miss. Incredibly friendly and professional team.
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Great job, great people, less money

The greatest thing about working for HP are the people and the environment. The least great thing is made up of financial benefits. It all depends on what your priorities are.
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