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It could be good if it weren't for the people

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The salary is good, the benefits are varied and there really is work-life balance, sometmes even more life than work. But 90% of the people (colleagues and managers alike) make HP Inc a bad place to work, in the top 5 employers... to be avoided. It is extremely hard for a new joiner. There is a clique-y attitude. If you are more on the introverted side and despise favoritism and asskissing, then stay away from this place. No matter how hard you work, you get 0 recognition if you don't play by the rule, keep your head down, never speak your mind and sweet talk the right people. What is even more outrageous is, these things are sometimes openly admitted. You get 0 trainings, if you need help you are on your own. If you value learning and hard work, this is not the place to be. Some team leadets are extremely unpolite and perceive themselves as demi-gods. If you don't sweet talk them and bring coffee to their table (even if you are not their secretary) you may end up being humiliated in public. You can't complain to anyone about this because, in this company, managers are non-existent. Managers are fictional beings with 0 responsibilities placed there just to remind you how busy they are. One more thing, the labour legislation is not respected in HP Inc. Rest leave is, in some teams, considered optional.


Good salary, varied benefits, work-life balance


Toxic environment, favoritism, absent management, no trainings, the labour legislation is not always respected, uneducated people, team leaders with 0 people skills
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An ordinary day in HP

HP is a great company if are lucky enough to have the appropriate manager. I really appreciate the multicultural environment I use to work in, the interactions with people from around the globe and the opportunities to come up with ideas in order to solve daily challenges at work. But...everything is related to the person who coordinates you. I cannot state that my manager was a bad person but she used not to think outside the box at all and seemed to me always focused on processes instead of an efficient work and daily basis activity improvement. I did not like the company policy of being nice with people who are avoiding tasks, postponing duties or performing badly at their jobs (I don't mean that one have to scream to somebody else but I believe that those cases have to be discussed and solved). Also, unless you have been working for 3 or 4 years within the company, there is almost impossible to get a promotion, the only thing one can do is take a job rotation. HP pays good salaries and offers good work conditions to its employees.


Good salaries, nice work-environment, cultural diversity, great opportunity for development


Poor chances of promotion, conservative managers
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Excellent community and management, with great benefits and work experience

A typical day at work would start off with a greet to everyone in my team, as they are part of my "family". Starting off with checking urgent emails, reviewing my inbox, and prioritizing my tasks for the day. Ensuring everything has been accomplished as per the previous day / week "to do" list. So far I've learned how to exploit my time properly, and make 100% follow-up on critical cases. Communication is another thing that comes to mind, because I am a natural when it comes to liaise with people from different departments. The management is exclusive, we have a very clean and respectful collaboration. We know what they are here for, they know what we do, and we work day by day with that in mind. They are helpful when needed, supportive and very motivating. My co-workers are great as well, depends on the case. Never expect someone to treat you right if you don`t treat them right either. But I am a very professional oriented person, and I never tend to leave that boundary Hardest part of the job...I love what I`m doing, I see nothing hard to it. Most enjoyable would be, obviously, the satisfaction of a hard work commitment and payment received from a customer. As well, seeing people work together as one is something which I like most.


Gym subscription at a very cheap price, fruits, tea, working schedule.


not enough parking space
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