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Software Engineer3 recenzii

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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Unprofessional and Very Long Hours

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You are an asset for the company to flip a profit off of. They will overwork you in training for very minimal pay. Expect 70 hours per week if you are not proficient or have some level of prior knowledge in development. Laid off immediately after conclusion of training
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Răspuns oficial al Genesis10

13 septembrie, 2023
We appreciate your feedback. Our training is demanding. Every associate is pushed to build the skills we know will be critical to their success long term. This has been a difficult and frustrating year for all in the tech industry. Dev10, like many others, has had to reduce head count due to market conditions. These decisions are never made lightly. We know you made a significant investment in starting your career with us and understand your frustration. Your feedback has been shared with management.

Awful Starter Company

The training rate and contracted wage are purposefully extremely low for the market. They will not respect your time nor you after you are placed on assignment.




Everything, especially work-life balance
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Bleak experience as a programmer

I was unhappy in my role. When I raised concerns they were belittled. In the end, I was let go without warning. I think management could benefit from trying to find solutions that work for them and for the employee. It would boost productivity and moral in the end.


Work from home, in my case anyway


Poor communication, let go without warning
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Răspuns oficial al Genesis10

4 martie, 2021
Thank you for your sharing your experience, albeit not positive. We are sorry that you were unhappy in your role and did not feel that your concerns were addressed. We have noted your constructive feedback, and will share your review with our Milwaukee team. Thank you for helping us do better.

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3,7 din 5 stele pentru Balanța dintre muncă și viața personală
3,7 din 5 stele pentru Compensații/Beneficii
3,0 din 5 stele pentru Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
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