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Excellent experience

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I accidentally hit 4 stars, but this has been a 5 star experience. Through the Dev10 program I was able to begin a career in technology and have loved every minute of it.
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3 februarie, 2023
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience working for Dev10. We love helping people like you start their careers in tech. We know you are going to do great things!

You take the bad with the good

Worked on a project that was supposed to last 6 months, but lasted only 4. Definitely a down side, they do not press their clients to honor contracts (but I guess that is industry standard). Management supported me during a wishy washy transition period, where client kept pushing back the start date. Gen10 stepped up and bumped my rate slightly for the inconvenience, which I thought was fair. One big downside was mailing checks to 1099 C2C contractors. If you were to do a survey in this market, most agencies delivered payments via Direct Deposit. Hopefully, Gen10 will change. One last disappointment was that once it was determined that my last day was moved up two months, Gen10 didn't do anything noticeable to get me placed. Their advice was to make sure I use other agencies as well. I believe I performed admirably in my assignment, and this was the best advice they could offer. I hope they will read this critique as constructive criticism. I thought they behaved in a professional manner through out, just wishing for more.




Didn't work hard to get placed after contract was shortened
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