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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Staffing Agency that gave me an address and said go

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Genesis 10 is a Staffing Agency located in New York. I found it very difficult to deal with them because they would change their offer each time I spoke to them, I actually turned down the position because of this and three months later they had someone else from the company email me and see if I was still interested in the position. I told them I would take it for a certain salary and no changes. I went to work for Windstream Communication as an Analyst in the Engineering Department. I enjoyed every part of this job. I had to apply for permits for Right of Way Access in several different states. I worked with many different state and government agencies. In this position I worked as part of a team, where we would automatically jump in and help one another get caught up. We had to remain within company regulations of how quick we sent out the permit applications once they were submitted to us. Multitasking was most important, because there was always more than 10 to 15 projects to work on at the same time. Time management was important to meet deadlines. Most important follow-up was required to complete each project. I had very high stats for projects completed, because I was organized and kept my work area neat and organized at all times. The most enjoyable part of this job was working as a team. There was nobody that was trying to out do the next person. We were really a team working to accomplish a goal. The most difficult part of the job was getting the state and government agencies to return the permits in a timely manner. It required developing good relationships with - 


We could set our own hours as long as we put in 9 hours a day


I was a contractor, so I knew I was a temporary employee
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Productive and great work place

Great opportunity with this company. will have plenty to learn and show experience. one of the best company's to contract through.
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