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Great Start For Entry Level Career

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Amazing support and opportunity for those trying to get started with their career in IT. A good training with many opportunities for placement at different client sites.
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Would not recommend for those with out own backup plan or sensitive

While you can be place at a reputed Client you not not regarded or treated on par with consultants from a different agencies. FDM places 'products' as contingent worker on shorter extensions. This can advantage of some hiring managers and unreasonable for your development. DO not believe on 'you will eventually role into proper position' at client. You can be referred as 'sold to us'. It is demotivating. FDM training does not teach you on job skills , you can get certificates.


No pros other than their Clientele


too many to say
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Productive and fun workplace

The staff very helpful. They given training for new graduates to become a software engineer. The manager is nice and very promptly. He will be there whenever you need help
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Good for new careers but overall poor

It’s the luck of the draw, after completing training you could be placed with a really good client who wants you to progress and helps shape you on the other hand you could be put into a role whereby you learn nothing and they would force you to stay. My advice is leave after 2 years
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Opportunity for professional development and growth awaits.

What is the best part of working at the company?Great placements and opportunities as a consultant at FT100 companies. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Moving between placements and ending up back on the bench, training for the next role. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Great. Mostly out on client site but good support and training when back at the company office. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Depends on the client but training is good quality and tests will push some to their limit.
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Great company, great opportunities!

Really good company, gave me grea training and opportunities. You do have to be flexible, but this is a skill of a great consultant. I would recommend exploring further if you're looking for a starting point.
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It is what was advertised.

I was given training & sent to work for one of FDM Group's clients. It got my foot in the door of the tech industry & helped my learn valuable skills. Only complaint is the modest pay.
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Nice people but treated like second class citizens

When you are with a client you get respect. When you are not with a client, you get treated like a product. Placement can take months, you have to go for random roles. You don't feel safe, and the pay is not great.
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Doesn't guarantee a position

You receive fairly barebones training while working on getting a contract. You still have to go through an interview process from companies wanting more experienced applicants.
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Good place to get training and experience

I enjoyed training here. Pay isn't much but it'll open door to get placed in financial institutions and gain experiences if you're willing to put an effort.
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Poor compensation and time-off

Pros: (FDM Academy)- Support and tips for interviewing at clients (Academy)- Relatively good health insurance Cons: (Consulting)- Non-competitive remuneration- Minimum allowed by law paid time-off, with no possibility of unpaid time-off
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Great for right person

If you have little experience or are moving to a new industry/career fresh from uni it's great. Once training is done I found it easy to get a job at a big company and they often take you on full time after 1-2yrs.
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Low salary

Low salary and lock-in for 2 years. No support from account managers. Consultants have no say in where they are placed or the role. 2-year contract with an exit fee is too long
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Worst company to work for

Awful pay, you don’t get placed after 6 weeks as advertised. Placement can take up to 1 year. Failure to go to the office can lead to them sacking you. Just a shocking company in general. You can also be forced to choose whatever job placement they have available. If you decline they sack you. Horrible members of staff. Bottom barrel company.
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fun workplace

This job is a fun experience/workspace. EVeryone there is nice and full of joy. I really enjoyed working here, it has taught me so many things. I look
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Good start

Good place to bridge between Uni and working in the industry. Getting good experience with large companies around the country. Pay is poor for the first 2 years in return, however.
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Get what you Expect

A good place to start your career out of college. They give you a good amount of training; some trainers better than others and prepare you for any interviews to get placed. My placement personally was not that great, but that was because I was fully remote and did not receive much training from the company. When you are not placed they place in PODs until you find another placement. When working in the PODs, you are not necessarily micromanaged and just need to keep yourself busy. Overall, pretty good pay for what is expected.
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Struggle to find you proper placements

After you do your training, there are a lack of opportunities for certain pathways so they might try to shoehorn you into roles not suited to you.Not an inclusive workplace. If you can't attend the office for valid reasons they'll let you go, even for work that can easily be done remotely.
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Good learning experience

Good job to enter into the IT industry but pay can be better. A few months of training at the started. There is a 2 year bond that starts once you get your first placement.
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Fun good place

Good place can't say too much we always work probably without any pressure always on time with delivery especially when you know the area is always handy
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London only

Training can be tough but not impossible, you’ll need to keep yourself motivated. Not much help from the trainers. You will be training from 9am to 5:30pm. In the afternoon once the teachings/lectures are done you’ll do exercises without your trainer. Despite them advertising in Leeds where one of their offices are you’ll be on the “beach” for months after training battling against others for a role you weren’t trained for. For example if you choose to study DevOps you’ll be put forward for a Java role and have to compete against those who did the Java training, it’s stressful and demotivating. Account managers work off commission and do not have your best interest (a few genuinely care). From my experience the account managers I interacted with were incredibly dismissive of people in the well being department, one comment was “don’t listen to them there an idiot”. The Well Being team are good and will listen but really not much they can do unfortunately. If you live in London or can commute you’ll be fine. All the roles available to you after training are in London.


You can get paid to sit around for months doing absolutely nothing


You do nothing for months
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