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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Emerson este o companie neserioasa, isi bat joc de oameni, te pun sa platesti toate cursurile si dupa aia iti zic ca iti platesc inapoi dupa 3 luni. Nu o sa ajungi niciodata la 3 luni. O sa iti dai demisia mai devreme. Te pun sa platesti absolut tot. Te baga in faliment si nici o zi nu asteapta in plus sa poti face rost de bani. Sunt inconstienti de ceea ce fac cu angajatii si nu le pasa deloc de oameni. Salar nu ai mai deloc. Mergi zilnic cu stres la munca gandindu-te azi ce ma pun sa platesc iar.




Neseriozitate, Incompetenta, Batjocura, Nesimtire
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Hard work people

My experience at Emerson it's a positive one. I worked with some hard working people, with a lot of experience who where wiling to share their knowledge. I took the decision to search for a new job because I want to learn new things and to be able to develop new skils.
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Stable workplace but obsolete rules

- minimal attention to employees fun at work, no relaxation place or green space in the area of the Campus - inflexible punching rules, old-school factory style
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Great company

Great company to work , learn and develop a career. As in all big companies you will face a lot of challenges from where you can learn a lot and increase your experience.
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Productive and fun workplace

Emerson is a global company which provides industrial/commercial products and services. As an engineer I found a interesting and challenging technical work environment, together with a lot of young colleagues.
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Very productive and fun

I learned and I still learn a lot in Emerson, things I never encountered. Great team there and great leadership, but it gets better in team-buildings.
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Ambitious and dedicated in my job, with lots of patience

It's a job where i can expand my knowledge working in a united group and applying alarge number of pshysical therapy methods and techniques s[ecific for the afflictions and diseases of the patients.


free lunches


long hours
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Great Team, Great Management Team in Rosemount Europe

Your opinion is taken into consideration; You feel that you belong to a greater something; For me, my Rosemount Sales & Marketing Team was my Emerson Family


The team


They Could have a better salary package
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Strategic focus, emphasis on delivering great services to customers

It's a very dynamic and competitive environment. A great place to learn about all aspects of business and to grow in your career.
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Very productive and profesional work place

I have learned a lot of new things at Emerson, you can have trainings in any field possible, with the permission of a superior. Management is extremely good and very communicative with all the employees. The team I was in was very nice and helpful and amongst all, very friendly. The most enjoyable part was actually going to work and just working in a team spirit.
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To ensure the on-time and complete entering of Change Orders in the relevant business systems. To ensure each change is 100% clean and released Expedite factories and make sure items are delivered on-time and complete Keep a close contact with the sales team Maintain accurate and updated order logs if required to do so Log and follow up on Oracle errors that may prevent from correctly completing change requests Purchase order Administration for intercompany material. Answering to phone request and keep in touch with the customers and the other team members from other countries. I learned to work in a team, to pay attention to details




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A dynamic atmosphere characterised by team spirit and professionalism

It was a challenging and competitive environment which helped me gain and enhance essential skills and constantly improve myself professionally. Work within my team was based on team spirit and collaboration and constantly backed up by the most efficient management. This allowed me to work with and learn from great professionals and highly skilled people, helping me improve myself and achieve great results for me, my team and the company altogether. The hardest part of the job was liaising between our customers and our suppliers, in such a way that would not jeopardize the relationship of our company with either of them. This was a challenge that we managed to overcome through good communicative abilities, organizational skills and a customer-focused attitude. I have enjoyed every part of the job, but I consider the problem-solving aspect to be the most rewarding, that is investigating issues, researching in order to track the causes of problems and, finally, coming up with optimum solutions for our customers.
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enriching experience

a multicultural workplace offering interesting and enriching experience
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