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Recenzii ale angajaților DRÄXLMAIER Group din Brasov

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A good company

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Good teamwork here in the company, a lot new stuff in the injection molding field. A lot projects with a lot stuff to do. For me was a very good place to work, because I learned serios injection molding technique.
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Productive workplace

Today's twenty- and thirty-year-olds have made it clear to companies that they expect to be able to integrate cause work into their professional lives. Driven by millennials, this shift will radically transform how companies define themselves in relation to the social sector. It will be up to companies themselves to answer this call and change their own internal structures and approaches to accommodate millennials' hunger for work that is both fulfilling and meaningful.
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The best way to develop your skills

I took the opportunity to work in this company because they use advanced technology in manufacturing the molds for interior pieces of cars like center consoles, dashboards and sides door. Here, I learned a new way to use the skills that I gained from my studies and previous job and also, I learned to program the 5 axis machine.


Small salary
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Productive and fun workplace

A young and professional team working together to achive high standard products for foreign customers in the automotive industry. Everybody knows what is their part in the process and tries to do it the best they can. No extra hours because if you are well organised and professional you'll get the job done in time. Fun working environement with benefits according to the performed work.
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