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Despre companie

  • Director General
    Michael Dell
    aprobă performanța Michael Dell
  • Înființat
  • Dimensiunea companiei
    peste 10.000
  • Venit
    peste 10 miliarde (RON)
  • Industrie
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    Dell Technologies pagina web
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Sales Engineer Analyst în Bucharest
la 25 aprilie, 2022
Average company
You do your work then go home.Low volume of work.Most of the colleagues are nice. The pay is average.The benefits are below average. The site in Bucharest needs improvements.
Project Manager în Bucharest
la 1 iulie, 2020
Dell is a great learning environment
Every day you learn something new - that is a typical day at work in Dell. I am surrounded by supportive people, from different cultures, we have a strong and unified team and help each other whenever is needed. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you meet new people, experts on different disciplines that might help you in your work, but the hardest part of the job is that there are too many tools and systems to use. I enjoy working at Dell so much, that I bought myself a personal laptop, Inspiron 5000 series and I enjoy it greatly!
Forensic Investigator în Bucharest
la 6 aprilie, 2020
Well at Dell
I started working at Dell at the beginning of this year and after 3 months i can say it was the best choice for me. Everything here is so professional, the managers are really great people and the entire work environment is great.
Analyst în Bucharest
la 8 februarie, 2020
Demanding but good learning experience
Dell provides a relaxing, flexible workplace culture with good facilities and benefits to its workers. Different departments will have different dynamics with some having challenging workloads with highly manual tasks which implies good stress management and problem solving skills. As in other large corporations, management competence and style may differ through departments. However, strong team spirit and team work is something present across all areas of work on site, making it a demanding but good learning experience.
Technical Support with Spanish în București Sector 4
la 29 iulie, 2019
Review for Dell Financial Services
The company provides career opportunities and supports employee development. There are also intern and financial rotation programs for you to be able to learn on the job. Working remotely counts as a bonus to me and I am able to balance personal and work life at the same time.

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