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3.8Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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A place where anybody can grow

It’s a nice place to work at, especially if you are into sports. You have a lot of stuff to learn, and the management is pretty good. Most of the staff is young and friendly.
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Very fun work place

I learned a lot from my work mates, they were very kind and teached me everything, because I was new! I had to archive invoices and packing lists, work with the computer and the printer most of the time! I had to be very organised!
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Fun and Interactive

Working at Decathlon was an opportunity to learn about sports. The team we had was very energetic and helpuful therefor working there was a real pleasure.
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Fun workplace

Good and warm place to work i really enjoyed my time in the Dechatlon family , it’s a workplace where professional and well trained people help you improve your skills
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God place for work

I've been working for Decathlon a year and it's great. I really like that my colleagues are very happy and energetic. My job at the Decathlon Company is to be a manager assistant, I work very hard with people, with clients, and I really like it. I would like to spend the whole day working and knowing new people.




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muncă în echipă, colegii tineri, cu mult curaj de muncă, responsabilitate în toate cerințele postului, atenție distribuitivă


ieșiri cu echipa, asistență medicală


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Productive, Fun workplace, Great team

My job from Decathlon was very helpful for me, because I have learned how to be independent and responsible for my work and for my co-workers, how to integrate a new person in team and make that person to be independent for his work, I have learned how to manage my time at work to be productive. Always was fun at work, because the store team it is young and we had the same passions. The most enjoyable part of the job was those moments when the customers leave the store with smile on the face and always they come back because they know will find us (the employers) there, to help them and to make them feel happy.


Team, Benefits
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Freedom and responsability

I learned a lots of things on my becuase it gave you the chance to make your job like having your personal business. You have the freedom to take decisions and even to make mistake and all this, force you to be a responsible person. I travel a lot because I have to visit my suppliers from different countries and also the people I work with. What I also like about my job is the fact that I work very close with Quality Department and also with the Logistic. Of course, because of that, I learned a lots of things from them. The hardest thing I consider to be the part of time management. Taking in consideration that I travel quite long, I spend a lot of time on my way, so it is a risk to fall behind with my job.


shareholder, medical and life insurance
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Decathlon was the place where I descovered my qualities

At Decathlon I use to work 8 hours/day 5 days/week for almost 2 years. Here I had enough time to realise that I have qualities of real seller of a good colleague. I loved helping customers so that they can leave satisfied from the store. We where a very big group of co-workers and we use to have a very good professional relationship and to comunicate so that together we reach our goal.
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fun work place

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3.8Balanța dintre muncă și viața personală
3.5Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
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