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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Pentru romania este cel mai bine plătit loc de munca ,oameni sunt respectați se munceste an echipa este un loc de munca lejer fată de alte companii echipament de munca
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Is very unprofessional

The people from the recruitment department are so slow and their questions are boring and repetitive. Is a big mess. Unprofessional. And the fact their response was so lame proved me that the people who worked there have a disfunctional HR department. I dont recommend.
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Overall good experience

Fast pace work, helpful colleagues, good environment. Advancement possibilities good be improved, as well as salary increases. Overall good experience.
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Not happy with the workplace at all.

First job where things was not clear from me from the begining but after a long period of time i can tell people are not who you thing you are and is not a team work effort for solving problems.
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Salarii mici, afaceri in familie

Pe langa faptul ca salariile sunt mici, managementul este prost, mai sunt angajate si intregi familii acolo, ceea ce nu stiu daca este tocmai legal. In 5 ani reusesti sa pui deoparte cam 5000€,deci in 50 de ani iti poti achita o casa :)). De altfel, exista un business intern legat de nunti si de afaceri personale. E jale.. Nu recomand angajarea la Continental Sibiu.
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Is productive and you are able to learn things from them.

A typical day starts from 9 am and ends to 18 pm. There, I learned about their projects, AUTOSAR, C Embedded and other automotive standards.. It was quite fun and productive for a beginner. It's worth mentioning that they are looking especially for undergraduate students.
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Loc de munca stresant

- departament cu cele mai mici salarii din R&D - in ultima perioada volumul de munca este foarte mare - management orientat pe cantitate, nu calitate
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Interesting experience

Stabil job and company but the management not so stabil. Big fluctuaction on operators witch gives a lot of instability on shopflor. Quite big room for promovation.
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Productive and fun workplace

Amazing coworkers Great experience Oportunity to learn I was a mechanical design engineer in internship so i was learning so much from the main mechanical designer. I developed a lot of tehnical skills such as working in different CAD programs but also I was learning how the things function in a corporation
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Big and powerful company.

Big factory, a lot of great things about automotive industry is happening in this place,
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Nice place to work, great for a junior

I have been working at Continental full-time for more than 5 years. Big company, working on many topics in the automotive area.You have the possibility to travel and work abroad, if desired. Very friendly colleagues and good local managers. The location seems to be growing rapidly (always hiring new staff). Potential to be involved with interesting projects. Good opportunity to switch department. Flexible hours, and possible to work from home occasionally, if needed.
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În prezent, Continental Sibiu se află în plin proces de expansiune, fiind în construcție cel de-al treilea centru de cercetare și dezvoltare, în paralel cu cel de-al șaselea modul de producție. ”Deja este planificată producția care se va realiza aici”, a spus și Lăcărmioara Dărăban, șeful departamentului de Resurse Umane ale Continental Sibiu. Aceasta a mai completat arătând că în jur de 35 de angajați ai Continental predau la ULBS și că până în 2023 compania va avea peste 5000 de angajați.
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Niste jeguri de oameni. Niste gunoaie ordinare....
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It's an interesting position: Test management / Product owner. Here it is multi-cultural environment where we support each other and help one another to reach the deadlines. Usually a day to day it's like this: - 09-10 - meeting with the team - 10-12 - meetings - 12-13 - lunch - 14-17 - meetings I have learned quite a lot: planning, motivating people, solving problems (missing equipment, asking for more people) I like the challenge. It's quite a challenge and we work under pressure. I also like the tele-confs with the client ( BMW) .
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Loc de munca cu un colectiv de profesioniști

Doresc sa lucrez la o firma serioasă cu o echipa puternica la care colectivul sa fie unit și dedicat, unde bârfele și nepotismele sa nu-și găsească locul.


Nu doresc sa fiu chemat la servici Dumineca


Permanenta non-stop
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Good Place for a first job in the field

it's both good and bad here. On one side, it's not that stressful and it's a great place if you're just out of college or still studying. But leave after 2 years, that's the sweet spot if you want to ever find another job!
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Pruductive work

A regular day at Continental begins with an scrum meeting, we plan the objectives of the day and talk about possible blocking points I'm glad I had the opportunity to start my career at Continental because I met amazing people who tried to teach me as much as possible.
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Great environment to start your journey!

As a freshly graduate, Continental would be your best shot for learning. Your ideas can be implemented in the project you are working on, thus giving you room to grow.


professionalism, your ideas are listened to
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Pleasant working atmosphere

- Opportunity to learn about embedded systems - Good collaboration with the management on work topics - Learn about other countries culture due to the international environment - Hardest part wold be to motivate the young employees and also in respect the OEM deadlines in stressful situations when the resources (time & people) are short - Most enjoyable part of the job is the possibility to create new technology and realize that you are part of a solid team
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Loc de munca primitor, colegi foarte cumsecade, Mediu de lucru engaging

Daca sunteti in cautarea unuil loc de munca primitor si foarte bun pentru dezvoltarea carierei il recomand.
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Aveti grija

nu recomand,am lucrat 10 luni pe facility,o experienta neplacuta pentru mine,oameni cu multe fete!




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