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Most enjoyable part of the work is team work. I learned QTP tool in the company. Management have good consideration towards its employees.
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productive work

It was awesome working for compunnel, great communication, great managers, the work was pretty easy. I like the environment and my coworkers wish I could go back.
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Work - life balance company.

While it is a mandatory to every company to be productive, at Compunnel the management believes and respect all their employees be it different in nationality or culture. There is always a work balance and you will not be force to do overtime, if they see you working outside office hours they will ask you to log out. The environment there is very accomodating at the same time you will always be productive.


Respect for one another.


Different culture
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Great company

On time pay and quick responses to all queries over emails or phone calls. BEST immigration team with an inhouse attorney to cater to all immigration needs of employees
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Easy enrollment process

Fast enrollment process but not grea to resolve payroll issues when needed. Multiple calls and emails had to be sent in order to resolve those issues. Benefits were ok.
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Fun, Diverse, Great People

Been working with Compunnel for 3 years and I can say that the culture is great, diverse, Management Team is approachable, everyone is very polite and respectful
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Pay on time

They pay you on time and they are good at immigration and H1B visa transfers. They need to have lot of clients which they lag a lot, incase of if you loose the project.
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Unprofessional management

Fraud management and unprofessional HR and management .Being IT no knowledge of domain.bad practices are acceptable. Work is ful of stress .they spoil life of families never work for such company. No one is helping to employees.
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You learn a lot of new things

They train you 80% within the first 2 weeks. It’s an healthy, fun-loving environment. Everybody even at higher levels are easily approachable. Colleagues are really helpful and never deny to help you
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Keeps their promises

Very good company for those who needs immigration support like Perm, i140 and h1bGood set of clients and great marketing teamNo benefits, Only hourly pay.
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Good company

Very good staffing company. Payroll is perfect. Very good visa processing team. Always helpful with any question. Help to get new projects based on skillset.
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Productive and work fun

I loved to work with Compunnel the management is good very helpfull give salary on time very supportive team good apportunity to be work with this organisation
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They could do better

The onboarding process was easy straight to the point but once hired trying to get ahold of anyone Is impossible. They usually gave me the run around but the pay was pretty decent.
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It sounds good

It was a really good company I was excited to work there the people there was nice Devourment was nice it had a nice place it was big M bar yeah cool OK
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Not following appointments

I was notified for an interview time and date. It was set as 3 reminders from 3 different notifications from this company. I received no call, email, text, smoke signals or pigeon. I don't know anything about the rest of the business but if this is the first step? I don't want to have anything to do with them. My time is important to me.
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If you are in visa, the sponsor but you have to get projects

Get projects, work at client, they take profit.Not much benefits. HR does not care about employees. They live in their own world. Hard to get anyone answer your questions.
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Great place to work

Management is understanding, average tenure of an employee is 8-10 years. Guys, I must say it as an amazing agency for web development services, this team is super talented when it comes to web development challenges. I had almost lost the chances of business plans initially but compunnel provided us with fresh breathe & I bet their awesomeness is unique.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?This is the better temp agency I’ve ever worked with. The pay is fair and people are friendly and assignments are temp to hire. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Maintaining employment after each assignment.
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Do NOT work at the one in parma!!!

I worked there for about two weeks as a new temp and the RICOH staff are real rude and disrespectful. The main manager is inconsiderate of her temps and treats us differently apart from the full time staff.. pls don’t waste your time
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This company will not pay you!

Do not work for this company. They are one of the worst temp agencies I’ve ever worked for. Regardless of submitting your time sheet on time every week, you will not be paid for your hours worked until weeks later and not without intense struggle/hassle.
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Very professional and fun place to work at.

Working in this company has been a blessing for me. I've had over 4 years of experience before joining Compunnel and I've never been this happy to have found such well organised, reliable and productive corporate. I will always be grateful to serve and be a part of this company. I've now completed 1.9 years and had no complaints so far. Hopefully this review helps the one that needs a job like this.All the best.


Great incentive structure, WFH opportunities.
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