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Good if get subbed out to a good company.

Most of my problems with this job were due to the company I was subcontracted out to. The people that hired me were really nice, communicative, and accommodating. I was a 'full-time temporary field service technician' that was subbed out to ADT. I was told I'd be working 40 hours a week, when in reality this only happened once out of my six months employed there. Typically I averaged about 30, however there were some days where I'd work less than 3 hours. Work became more spotty towards the end of my employment, and in a lot of cases I'd be sent out to work on systems that I just didn't have training on, and customers don't really like waiting around for you for hours for an appointment they likely scheduled months ago, just to show up and just go 'oh, I don't know how to fix this.' Pay was fine, never really had to interact with my coworkers other than to manage inventory.
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22 august, 2023
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3,7 din 5 stele pentru Balanța dintre muncă și viața personală
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2,9 din 5 stele pentru Siguranță/Promovare la Locul de muncă
3,3 din 5 stele pentru Conducere
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  • Good if get subbed out to a good company.
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