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Mediu de lucru ok, destul de standardizat, proceduri existente pentru orice proces, axare prioritara pe principiile de leadership. Pentru persoanele aflate la început de cariera, e o oportunitate bună.


Mediul ok, program de lucru flexibil


Tichete de masa de 10 ron, prea multa robotizare
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Was a job at the time.

When I worked there I was young working double shifts not going home and sleeping in my car. Definitely accumulated lots of overtime. We got a lunch break but restroom breaks were frowned upon because they were trying to make shipping times.
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Ok job to have

Work is ok but the starting pay is a bit low compared to similar jobs in the area. They have good benefits that start on day 1….breaks are also a bit short. There is growth in the company if you know the right people
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Fun and relaxing work place

This job is so cool, it’s relaxing and depending on the company you can really make money. On the other had some, just take advantage of their workers
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Overall good place to work. Very hard to move up once you're in a customer service position and hard to get full time (they want to keep most people part time and flex). Pay is decent and the management is great. Lots of support for concerns.
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Hard and stressful

Amazon doesn't care your just labor work somewhere else. They never give hours when you need them and work is taken for granted. When first started working there
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External hires > Internal promotions

Great to work here for some time, but you'll find out eventually that external hires make much more and designed so you never catch up as an internal.


Good people/management


Externals will always make more than internals
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Flex is fun

Order picking was fun you dont have to talk to anyone. And the flex position was a plus because i got to pick my own hours. Only left because I was starting a new career otherwise I wouldve stayed.
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Productive workplace

The run of the day is pretty straightforward and doesn't change from day to day.I learned how to assist on several sets during one time.Management is run very professionally, however it's relatively difficult to move up in the in the company.Hardest part of the job was if there were two people that needed something at once if we were short staffed.Most enjoyable part of the job was the people I worked with and the networking I was able to do.
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Low pay

Pay is too low for the work period. Favoritism all around. A couple of good ppl to work with, others not so much, and it's the same with management. Never have all the tools needed to do our jobs properly.
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Great place to make money but very demanding of your time

If you love money and plenty of overtime opportunities then this is the place for you. Starting pay isn't horrible and during peak season you'll be working 40-55 hours a week!


free food during holidays, ability to pick up shifts on your day off


standing on your feet for 10 hours
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Just your typical basic job

Just another job to be honest … you get two 30 min breaks but they have what they called TOT which is time off tsk if your not doing anything regardless if theirs work or not you get penalized for it
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Fast paced and ever changing

Amazon is fast paced and ever changing. It is hard to build a safety culture. Corporate determines safety directions but you can implement positive change at your site but there are a lot of hoops to get through.
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Lack of work to many people lack of rotation

Not enough volume for the work they let you do and lack of rotation in and out of other departments as for your job function not enough working in the parts you were hired for.
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High Physical Stress and Lack of Culture Environment

Working in the warehouse, rates are high along with employees being often aggressive or dead pan (given the lack of requirements to get the position). I’d highly recommend against working at Amazon if you can, or just do it for a brief stint otherwise you’ll burnout quickly.
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Fun place

Fast pace but an easy place to work at. Everyone is typically friendly and easy to keep to yourself. Management is great my manager is the best as well as a few others.
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You're average warehouse

Ok place to work. But seem to be just a number. Just do your work and go home. Management seems to have no sense of direction just kind of throw you out there and learn from other wokers
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Will take advantage of you

Worked at CVG 9 for over a year. It started out fine and didn't have much complaints. Was standard warehouse styled work. However, was moved over to an area called oversize, and as you can imagine you move around extremely heavy freight. They told employees that the schedule for placement was random, but was told by management that it wasn't. They put me on oversize sometimes for 10 hour shifts since they knew I was able to do the work efficiently. Eventually became injured, and they did nothing to try and accommodate this. I told management repeatedly, and would still schedule me there. If you work for them, do the absolute bare minimum so they don't use you, and look for more understanding employers.
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It’s Ok

I was a Picker… I would much rather work at the FedEx World Hub in Memphis for the rest of my life than to ever go back to being a Picker. I’m not sure about the other jobs. The pay could be much much better especially for 4 10 hours shifts back to back.
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Awful JoB

Avoid working at Amazon at all costs you are just a number to them and they will use and abuse you until they find a reason to get rid of you. There is far more job with better pay don’t risk your life and health for a warehouse like this l.
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they’re fine

hours a good and pay is good. they don’t try to run you into the ground. they give paid days off and care for wellbeing. it was an okay job, didn’t have any issues.
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