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3,7Echilibrul muncă/viață personală

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Toti oamenii cu care am intrat in contact sunt orientati catre oameni. Platformele pe care le ai la dispozitie te ajuta sa te menti la curent cu noutatile, incurajeaza creativitatea si dezvoltatea profesionala si personala.
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Great place to learn, great work environment

Best team-work experience, great managers, limitless learning opportunities. International environment, travel opportunities, consistent training throughout the first 3 months of employment.
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Nu recomand nimanui

Din momentul in care intri acolo esti doar o cifra.
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Productive and fun workplace with the best team ever

I have worked at Accenture for over 12 years in different roles (mostly management positions). Throughout the years there were a lot of challenges, but nothing that couldn't be overcome with the help of enthusiastic colleagues (which in time became my second family) and a great deal of communication. We each played our role within the project, making sure that the client is satisfied, all targets are met while the team kept an uplifting spirit.
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The worse company ever * O companie dezamagitoare

I already gave them a feedback which i will post it here, after you will read it , you will understand why i said this company is not worth it Romanian : Experienta mea a fost atat de nasoala incat nici nu am apucat sa lucrez la ei. Am fost sunat de un domn Alberto din Spania care mi-a zis ca interviul se va tine Miercuri intre orele 10:00 AM si 16:00 PM, nu mi s-a spus o ora anume , asa ca mi-am luat inima in dinti si am fost si eu pe la pranz undeva la 12:30 am ajuns acolo, am asteptat 45 de minute ca un Domn Radu care a venit cu o hartie in piept ca la scoala , unde scria numele lui, sa imi zica ca am intarziat , si ca interviul incepe la 10 dimineata si tine pana la 4pm , de unde eu , am ramas un pic blocat , ca nu am auzit in viata mea un interviu sa tina 6 ore, de parca ma duceam sa ma angajez la casa alba , nici Kovesi cand a dat interviul la Europarlamentare nu a durat atat, si pe urma sa imi zica , ca ma va suna mai pe seara sa ma reprogrameze , nu a facut-o , peste toate astea, cand am intrebat ce salarii sunt pe acel proiect, mi s-a spus ca e confidential , de parca vorbeam de lucruri sfinte , ca rasismul care e in floare, sau despre droguri, foarte dezamagit , nu as recomanda compania nimanui. English : Hi Alberto I just want to give you my feedback  about  your company. First of all,  after you called me , you  sent me the e-mail , that  honestly I found it , a little bit  weird  , when I saw  in the e-mail,  about lunch and refreshments . Anway ,  I went there around 12:30 PM ,  wait 45 minutes for somone to - 


I do not know


I do not know
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Ambiente laboral

El ambiente es bueno, facilidad de capacitacion, lo que mas me gusta es la importancia que la empress le da a aus empleados. Aunque tal vez el proceso de trabajo aún no este muy bien definido, el equipo de trabajo trata de brindar un servicio amable y profesional.




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Productive and an opportunity to learn a lot of things

I never worked from Accenture location because I was working a the client location. My contact with Accenture was almost all the time online. I learned a lot of what means to work in a very big company, in a very big team and team-work was and is the key for a productivity and efficiency. At the management level I can say that I didn't find the best support there. The hardest part of the job was the very high volume of work. The most enjoyable part of the job was to work with my team.
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High volumes

A typical day at Accenture, at least in a BPO environment, starts with high volumes of work and ending in the same manner. I have learned a lot of knowledge and due to these workloads, I was capable to cope in high levels of stress and to meet the deadlines as requested. It is, indeed, a diverse environment.


Gaining knowledge


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My experience in Accenture Romania was very intense. I have worked on an HR project where I have learned a lot of new information. I was working with 32 countries and it was very interesting for me to discover the HR rules from each one of them.


Close to home, 15 minutes walk


Stressful deadlines
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Great people

Happy to be a part of GDN Technology for 2 years – SAP Platform Technology comes in my career life in a natural and surprising way. Technology chose me and I’m very happy that this happened. It really changed my life. Every day, I try to bring a plus of expansiveness, positivity and a splash of color to the team. I love the people from this domain, their structured and brilliant minds. I really come at work with pleasure and joy.
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Au sein de ce département, mon activité consiste dans l’établissement des contrats de travail des employés d’une grande entreprise multinationale. Je m’occupe du parcours contractuel des employés dès leur début jusqu’à leur départ de l’entreprise, en collaborant tous les jours avec le département des ressources humaines d’Allemagne. Mon activité impose un grand degré de précision dont j’ai fais la preuve dès les premiers deux mois, par conséquent j’offre du support/instruction aux nouveaux collègues.
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A problem always comes with a solution!

I'm a person who likes to work and learn new things, every day. Open minded, with good skills of resolving problems. I have a Barchelor degree on Computing Sience an a Master degree on Engineering Quality and Buissness Management.
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